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Just an excellent match to each other really and was fated.  (Dating)
View author's info , Sep 25, 2012
I was actually contacted by my current girlfriend the very night that I added a paid subscription and finished my profile. We emailed back and forth a bit, moved onto a phone call, and here were are now months later
having spent a fantastic summer together and vacationing together. Lots of time spent together with romance and adventure. Just an excellent match to each other really and was fated. Due to the nature of thesite, we found that we were just immediately open and honest with each other about everything from date number 1. We were also instantly smitten with each other. A few weeks later I was asking her to be my girlfriend when we were out at a very romantic dinner. Wish the best or luck for all other members that haven't found their match yet.

Advice to other members:

Be totally honest about who you are, what you like,
your appearance, and everything else. Online dating is doomed to fail for members that like to stretch the truth or create some sort of misdirection or game. You can't have a successful relationship built on lies from the beginning! Of course it also helped that the both of us were in the right
place emotionally, mentally, & physically for our relationship. Timing is everything! She may not have been the one say 2 months earlier....

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