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Slow and steady wins this race. :)  (Dating)
View author's info , monticello, United States, Aug 16, 2012
at first i was skeptical. but i decided to give it a try. i wasnt "looking" for a man. i let HIM look for me. i went about my daily life and volunteered and worked my job and had hobbies. i didnt let the std define who i could be. than, my boyfriend of many happy months now, messaged me. he thought my job and what i did was cool. we didnt rush things. we continued to talk. we exchanged numbers, a talked for a couple more months. we sent pictures back and fourth. than, i forgot what sparked the idea, but we finally decided to meet. we met up at a park in the city i live in, and we went for a long walk together and got to know each other. we walked up to dairy queen and got some ice cream. seriously, their was chemistry right away. we went and saw a movie at the end of the night. we continued to take it slow, but pretty soon we made it official. positive singles takes away the awkward embarrassing story you have to share with your partner about having a std, because you meet somewhere whos been there, done that. i honestly could not ask for better or have been happier. by the third day we were official, he took me to meet his family. but remember, dont look so hard. let them find you. just be yourself and continue your life as you would without the std. if your a guy, dont just look for a girl to hook up looking for that special girl you would want to meet your family and share with the world. i am so in love now and his family loves me and my family loves him. its for real. try the site and be serious. but remember, slow and steady wins this race. its all in the patience. xoxo guys. i wish you all the very best.

Advice to other members:

If your a girl, wait for him to find you. just keep going about your life and being an awesome person. have something interesting in your life to share about, make your life great and another man is going to want to be a part of it. :) if your a guy, you have to make the girl feel special, you have to want her to be apart of your life, you have to find that girl you would take home to your family and show off. your never going to be happy with multiple sex partners and nothing special. life is more than that. and most imprtantly, take it slow. talk to her for a long time. make sure you are comfortable meeting and know enough about each other that there is something to talk about on the dates.

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