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When it is right you will just know  (Engaged)
View author's info , Elmhurst, IL, IL, United States, Jul 11, 2012
We met and went on a traditional dinner and drinks date about 3 weeks after I initially emailed her. The date went well and we went out the next few weekends as well and it took off from there. Something new for me is that we text each other a lot. I didn't think I would like it at first but in reality that is how we got to know each other since we were too busy to spend more than a day or so a week together. We took a vacation last weekend and got engaged in Las Vegas. I want to say thank you to PS and the people on here that have helped me. It's not over just figure out what you want and take the steps needed to be in a position to get it. Once you are ready just meet as many other people as possible who are also ready and sooner or later you will find one that blows your mind like I did

Advice to other members:

Don't give up it took me 10 years. Email a lot of people and be genuine about what you want. Figure out what you want too that helps. Get verified.

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