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We met in Chicago about a month after communications.  (Dating)
View author's info , Birmingham, AL, United States, Sep 30, 2011
Dear PS:
Thank you for your encouragement. I think it is important than when two people decide to explore the possibility of a long term relationship, then all attention should be placed on that individual. He is from Florida and i am from Alabama. We met in Chicago, IL (neutral state) about a month after communications (email, phone,and text). We then left the door open and I have subsequntly traveled to FL after another month had passed after that initial meeting. The uncontrollable variables when meeting in this manner is honesty and perception of one's self. These will only be revealed as multiple in-person meetings take place so patience is truly virtuous and a safe environment is paramount. We beleive we are a match but not rushing into collapsing our lives together just yet. We are making plans for multiple meetings.In my eyes, it is about a one year process. As for tips, I would say that if you are looking for just sex then this site should not be used for that. Tell these people to provide recent pics, be honest, genuine, and keep an open mind but be cautiuos and not deparate. Thanks!

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