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Peace, Love and Herpiness  (Other)
View author's info , Oakland, CA, United States, Sep 08, 2011
Quick Version, but very very cool nonetheless.
I live in St louis and was searching the site for interesting people. I had only been on the site 4 days. I came across a profile of a Man who lived in California and spent his time doing outdoor activities like 4-wheeling and hiking, which were things that interest me as well. I liked his smile and his sense of adventure and I felt inclined to write him, just that.
After a few more sips of wine and a few more ganders at his pictures, I immediately felt compelled to write again and tell him about my 3-week road trip from Colorado to California and back that I had done a few years prior.
Finally, I read his profile and was pleasantly surprised at the things he wrote about himself, how he viewed the world and the people in it, and what he wanted from life. I was very impressed. He was attractive, intelligent, deep and introspective, and had an adventurous spirit... everything I was looking for, yet he lived 2000 miles away.
And again, after a few more sips of wine and Laughing out loud to myself in disbelief, I decided to write a THIRD email. I couldn't believe I was going to do this, but I wanted to share with him how much he impressed me, and I figured what do I have to lose. So, Yes, I sent another email, all in a matter of about 40 minutes, which I decided would be my last email, and that if he felt compelled, he would write.
The following day, we had a Tornado.
Two days later it was Easter, and I received a reply from Fuzzylogic, saying "three email kooky is okay with me." Which is funny because the number three is his favorite. In his response, he mentioned that he would be coming to town the next day because of the Tornado damage (he works in large scale disaster clean-up) and would I like to have dinner with him. I was VERY excited to say the least.
We met at a Restaurant and have been seeing each other ever since.
Now I have put my house on the Market, and am moving to California to start our life together.
PS... We both received STD panel testing before we became intimate. Ironically as life has it sometimes, his self-diagnoses was inaccurate and he was clear of HSV-II, but because he fell in love with me, he did not care that I was positive and wanted to continue to share his life with me. So, we are doing that with Open Eyes and a Lot of Love.

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