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I found my dream partner.  (Dating)
View author's info , Phoenix, AZ, United States, Aug 05, 2011
I signed up for the site at the end of March. I was contacted a few days later by her. I looked at her photos, which were very nice, and read her profile. I had to read it a few times, because it was so similar to mine. We both loved travel, new culture, books, dining out, theater, etc. In many cases our profiles matched so perfectly that she stated it looked as if I had copied directly from her profile.
We corresponded from April 3rd until June 19th. She lives in the Miami and I finally visited her on June 21st where she was waiting for me when I arrived. My visit was extraordinary and she turned out to be the woman I have been looking for all my life. She told me she had been on the site for 4 years and had been contacted by over 4.000 men. I feel very privileged to be the man she had been looking for her entire life.
We went to Morocco July 3rd, and were there for 10 days. It was the best vacation we ever had. We love each other's company and can't wait until we see each other. We have talked about living together overseas. We haven't talked about marriage, but I believe she will be my wife in the future.
She told me about some of the issues she has had with many men on the site. Many men are blatant liars, and they are very easy to spot. Many men have no profile pictures or have photos that are severely outdated. It is very tacky to have a photo of yourself with your shirt off. She didn't like photos of guys with pets, with their motorcycle or their ex, where it is clearly evident that you cut part of her out of the photo, and her arm still remains! Bad grammar and bad spelling are instant turn-offs.
My pet-peeves are women without photos! I would never respond no matter how good your profile looks. I do not want to ask you for a photo, and I won't. Many incorrectly spelled words and improper usage of grammar are also turn-offs. You are trying to get a date. Ladies…boobs do not identify who you are. I don't want to see a photo of boobs! Men want to look at a woman's face and her entire body. Good photos are important. You don't need a lot, but cell phone photos don't impress me. You don't want any drama. I'm sure you wouldn't be here if you didn't have any. Everyone has drama. We all have had good and bad experiences. They follow us for the duration of our lives. Be realistic. I can't stress this enough... HONESTY! She put me through a battery of tests that I was unaware of. It would have been clearly evident to her if I had lied. I would have lost the treasure I had been seeking my entire life. If you lie in the beginning, you'll lie in the end. She is a teacher and a principal; she reads people very well, and she researches thoroughly. I told the truth about everything she asked me, and she said, "I know." I am moving to be with her tomorrow. We need to be together.
I am truly thankful for providing this service to us. It takes so much pressure off when meeting someone and eliminates "the talk." I would recommend this site to anyone. Thanks again. I found my dream partner.

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