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New beginning  (Dating)
View author's info , minneapolis, ON, United States, Feb 14, 2011
After a short initial chat in November and a brief courtship it did not take us long to know that we were meant to be together. Currently we are still living separately. But after a week in the Mexican Riviera together it sealed the deal. We have now began the process of integrating our lives together. Purchasing a condo together, and introducing one another to our family and loved ones. It is a very exciting time and we cannot wait to continue our journey; together.

Advice to other members:

If there is any advice we could give, it would be to never ever give up faith in people, faith in love, and faith in yourself. There is a match out there for everyone. Even though the dreaded H entered both of our lives years apart; it has been the catalyst that brought us together. Now we chuckle, at what a blessing it truly has been for the both of us.
Although you feel paralyzed and broken when your diagnosis is handed down to you; it is about putting the pieces back together, and finding that person to help you make the pieces of the puzzle fit back together again.
Blessings to everyone who is reading this; feel free to msg either one of us for advice or more about us.

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