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here we are! :)  (Married)
View author's info , North Carolina, United States, Nov 04, 2010
We were both diagnosed with HSV-2 between 2000 & 2002. He had discovered this sight way before I had, so he had been dating on it for a while. I was dating "commoners" & having that really awkward "i have something to tell you" conversation that ALWAYS ended badly. finally, a former boyfriend told me about this site & i checked it out. within 48 hours i had 3 potentials. went out with 2...they weren't bad...but weren't "right" for me. then after a month of emailing the 3rd guy, we finally met for coffee. and the rest is history. we got married 18 months later & couldn't be happier. it's awesome being with someone else that has that same STD because it's almost like you don't have it! and you don't have feel awkward or gross when you tell people.

Advice to other members:

be honest. keep it within the community. STD's are running rampant & taking over the world (sadly). So, do your part to prevent spreading it!

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