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I've met the most wonderful man  (Dating)
View author's info , Nashville, TN, United States, May 09, 2009
I kept going on this guys profile to check out his pic...he was so cute:) But I did not contact him at first because I thought he lived in Chicago.I finally decided to contact him and found out he was right here in Tennessee.We emailed each other,then chatted on the phone for a bit.Then we decided to meet for dinner.When we sat down to talk I felt totally comfortable,like we had known each other for years.After a couple of months of dating we decided to date the boyfriend/girlfriend thing:)That's the good is the bad part.During this time he ran into some problems...he lost his job:( Like any good friend I helped him out through those tough times.He was planning on opening a business,so he had some money put away for that.And I watched this man singlehandedly put together his own barbershop,with very little resources.It was amazing to watch.And it let me see what type of person he was under pressure.He is such a wonderful young man and we have talked about our future together...which seems pretty bright to me:)We have so much in common and I have already learned so much from him,he brings out the best in me.He makes me feel so good, so complete.He is everything that I have ever wanted in a man:)

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