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View author's info , Fremont, OH, United States, Oct 08, 2008
I have met a great person through
your website. I am very happy and
i definately see a long term relationship here!! It feels so
great to be back in the land of the living!! And to know your not
alone. All i can say is thank you
so much!!!!
David Koch

Advice to other members:

Keep going dont ever give up!!! And dont be ashamed if you have a disease your not alone!!! people need to get back to the good ways
of thinking and be there for each other!! Human kindness is something lacking in this world!!
Have faith and know you are not alone!! Keep a positive outlook
Friendship should be a first start
and love people for who they are!
It should'nt be all about looks and material gain. Love your self
and keep your head held high!!

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