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View author's info , Bloomington, IL, Jul 30, 2008
I met Jesse on my birthday, actually. We started e-mailing for a month, and just by coincidence we had our first phone conversation one month to the day from when we started e-mailing. As we got to know each other better, it became apparent that while there was a certain amount of chemistry, I had, perhaps more importantly, made a friend. Suddenly it didn't feel like so much of a disease to find someone else out there who was smart and successful and ambitious, who also had H. It's funny, too, how often we do not talk about our situation, but rather talk about life and who we are, not what we have. Most of the time I forget we share that in common, despite the fact it brought us together. There's so much more to him, to all of us, than what we've been burdened with. It's nice to have that reminder in the form of a human being. With the unfortunate state of our economy and the price of everything going up, traveling to meet for the first time has not been an option. The distance is slightly brutal, Illinois to South Carolina. I don't feel like that will impede on the bond we've formed already though, despite not meeting in person. Yet. =) It's funny to think that I've never seen him face to face, because when he calls, we talk like old friends, and I feel like I've known him for years as opposed to a few months. So to the girls, hang on, because whatever has brought you to this site doesn't mean you have to settle. I believe there are more guys out there like Jesse that want to find a girl on here for all the right reasons. And guys, we live in a fast-paced world, but there are girls out there still looking for a man who believes they're worth the wait, who are courteous and respectful.

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