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View author's info , San Diego, CA, United States, Dec 20, 2010
I posted our success story on here back in Sept and now I'm updating our status to officially engaged as of a few days ago. In less than 2 weeks I will be moving to Colorado and moving in with him. I'm excited to start my life here in Colorado, including a fabulous new job and a whole new chapter of my life.

We are planning on getting married sometime in 2011. I will post another update once we get married. Thank you Positive Singles for making this a possibility.

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Soul Mates for Real  (Engaged)
View author's info , Surrey, United States, Dec 18, 2010
We noticed each other's pictures many many times....he finally email me and I emailed him back. We shared some silly questions and answers, chit chatted, asked some more serious questions and decided to meet.

We met at a terrible little pub...had some terrible food. We hugged in the parking lot. He called me 2 weeks later and we met for dinner. We had a good time...I didn't think he liked me, but he called me again :) We talked on the phone a lot
He bought an apartment and I brought him a housewarming/birthday gift...
We kissed Butterflies. We both have 8 year old boys. We waited 6 months to introduce them. We have found so much love between the 4 of us. We are getting married on March 12, 2011....couldn't possibly live without each other now.

Thank you Positive Singles, without this site our paths would never have crossed.

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View author's info , Hermosa Beach, CA, United States, Nov 18, 2010
I met my husband on Positive Singles. We dated long distance for about five months and we both knew that we wanted to spend the rest of our lives together. In August 2009, he flew to New Orleans for some Marine pre-deployment training preparation before he left for Afghanistan and I drive down from Kentucky to see him. He had always said he was going to marry me but I didn't think he was going to right then. He asked me to marry him the first day I got down there and we were married the very next day. The day after we got married, he shipped back to Camp Pendleton. He got two weeks leave to come home to me before his deployment and then he left for the desert for seven months. He has been home since the beginning of June and we could not be happier! I have never been with anyone who loved me for exactly who I am, faults and all. He really is the man of my dreams, as corny as that sounds! Thank you for helping me meet the man I am going to spend the rest of my life with!

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View author's info , Spring, TX, United States, Nov 08, 2010
2 years ago I received an e-mail from a man in Dallas while I was living in Oklahoma. He was the first person I had ever talked to on the phone from this site. For some reason, we never really connected enough to actually meet. 2 years later, I moved from Oklahoma to Dallas for a new job position. We reconnected through this site and after several months of e-mailing, we finally talked on the phone...and talked for 8 hours! We met the next night and it was love at first sight! We danced the night away and had so much fun that we both had to call in sick the next day! That weekend was his birthday, so we went to the casino where he hit the jackpot and won $12,500.00!! That weekend we realized that we had hit the jackpot in more ways than one. We haven't spent one day apart and plan on moving in together soon.

Advice to other members:

Sometimes you have to go out on a limb because that's where the fruit is...

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here we are! :)  (Married)
View author's info , North Carolina, United States, Nov 04, 2010
We were both diagnosed with HSV-2 between 2000 & 2002. He had discovered this sight way before I had, so he had been dating on it for a while. I was dating "commoners" & having that really awkward "i have something to tell you" conversation that ALWAYS ended badly. finally, a former boyfriend told me about this site & i checked it out. within 48 hours i had 3 potentials. went out with 2...they weren't bad...but weren't "right" for me. then after a month of emailing the 3rd guy, we finally met for coffee. and the rest is history. we got married 18 months later & couldn't be happier. it's awesome being with someone else that has that same STD because it's almost like you don't have it! and you don't have feel awkward or gross when you tell people.

Advice to other members:

be honest. keep it within the community. STD's are running rampant & taking over the world (sadly). So, do your part to prevent spreading it!