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View author's info , Richmond, United States
This is a wonderful site that allows people to come together that share the same life changing event. Thank you. I have met many wonderful and helpful people on this site that enjoy talking about everyday topics, as well as people that I have found interesting.

I am currently dating someone from this site and no longer have need of your services. Again, thank you.

I was on Positivesingles for almost 3 months and I had done the winking to people that looked interesting and had my side convoys. But the very first guy I had winked at winked back at me and we progressively liked each other more and more. We hadn’t even met yet and we were falling so hard for each other. I learned in the relationship the first day I had talked to him on the phone he told me that he was leaving for Afghanistan in a month. He lived in Norwalk and I lived way up in the hills in Yosemite. but I was moving to ocean side very quickly and we met up when I moved. . .now we are dating and I am absolutely happy with the results that this site has given me and my love. We now live with each other even though he is in the army now he will return in 10 months safe to me.

Advice to other members:

This site has so many great qualities. Very open to everybody. . .the only thing that bothered me was like 40 to 50 year olds winking at me. . .I’m 18 and I put my age range in and felt very uncomfortable and annoyed. And the profile without pictures was a lilt to weird. Anybody can write a about me and sound amazing but to know what somebody looks like. . .

View author's info , Los Angeles, United States
I had looked at her profile a number of times. Looked at her pictures and carefully dissected her text. For me, it was about finding someone exceptional, or why bother to waste my time. (And when I mean exceptional, I don't mean a typical L.A. woman, following the L.A. trends.)

When I read her newly updated text, it sealed the deal. David Lynch and Tarrantino Movies? A Charles Bukowski fan? Hey, this is someone I felt that I HAD to meet. A few emails exchanged around the Christmas season led us to meeting right before new year's. When I met her, I was stunned. She was beautiful, eccentric, quirky, and more than I ever expected. From our first date we were inseparable and going on 8 months later, it still feels like the excitement of our first date. Amazing how she's made HSV feel like a blessing in life, instead of a curse.

Advice to other members:

Look to meet someone real, who will enhance your life, accept you as you are and cover all the bases of a relationship. There's more to a woman than just looks.

We corresponded less than a week before we decided to meet. Meeting was awesome! We really connected well with each other from the very beginning. We live 3 hours apart and he drove to see me. We met at a restaurant and had a wonderful, romantic dinner together. We were both nervous, but made each other feel comfortable quickly. We talked and laughed together a lot! After dinner, we decided to go to a movie and were fortunate enough to get a theater all to ourselves so we were able to talk during the movie and not disturb others. We have no plans for marriage this early but we are definitely making future plans together, and have already made plans for my next two weekends off together. :)

I think meeting early on is good because at least you know if you really like each other in real life, which can be a lot different from online dating.

We talked on the phone for hours upon hours every day for about two weeks and when we met up it was casual. He asked me if i would help him bartend at a party he was working at and i figured it would take the pressure off of our first meeting. And it did but ofcourse things were still a little on the nervouse side since it was an online dating thing but we both hoped the connection we had over the phone would stay when we met in person. But we were shocked when we had way more chemistry than we thought and we have been having a great relationship for the bast three months. It's been the most stable relationship I have ever had.