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View author's info , Gauteng, South Africa, Apr 16, 2011
Well we had been communicating for about 2 weeks and even during our communications
through emails, sms's and phone calls there was always this connection between us.

Then we finally met for lunch (it was the longest lunch that I ever had) but enjoyed each and every moment of it and we are so much in love right now.

We are staying in different towns which is about 200 km apart. And get to spend time together every other weekend. And we talk every single day.

There isn't talk about marriage yet, but there is talk of getting a transfer and being closer to him. Nevertheless it feels good to be in love with someone that you have so much in common and being able to talk about everything as well as our status without feeling worried about what the other person might take you.

He is the best, he is my soulmate.


View author's info , Orlando, FL, United States, Apr 15, 2011
found the one. well basically we saw each others profile i e mailed her she responded we talked for a few weeks but nothing major and i asked her out one night and went to a place called old town in orlando fl we walked around talking had a drink only one then walked around some more just talking getting to know each other then sat down on some swings and conversated more joked around a lot also.

Plans for marriage no way to soon for that but we both know what we have found is a good thing so no worries.

I think it's a great site has a lot of good info and it really does help a lot of people who feel out of place lets them know they are not alone so keep up the good work

View author's info , Lockport, IL, United States, Apr 13, 2011
Found somebody. It's pretty good!
Hey there! I met somebody from a few towns over. We talked for about two weeks before meeting. It was very stress free when we did meet because I knew that we wouldn't have to have "the conversation." We met at a bar/grill near her place and instantly clicked! While it's kind of soon for marriage plans, we seem to be on the same page about all of that and are looking for that within the next few years...we'll have to let you know!

Thanks for the help! :)

View author's info , Apr 12, 2011
I found my soul mate on here. Well we pretty much emailed each other a couple of times and then exchanged phone numbers. Started texting for about a week and a half and then we decided to have a date. We both felt a connection right when we started talking to one another.

Our first date lasted about 19 hours long. I didn't want to stop talking! So we pretty much went out on a 2 or 3 more dates and then we made it official. Now we're in love and we are constantly talking about marriage and starting a family. He's a dream come true!

So thank you guys from the bottom of my heart for helping me! I finally found someone who loves me for me and not what I have. I don't really have any tips on what to do exactly but I know that this site has made me feel much more confident in myself. Just seeing what a person has and knowing that you won't have to have "the talk", lifted so much weight off my shoulders. I was true to myself and what I put on my profile and it wor... Read Full Story>>

View author's info , Thief River Falls, MN, United States, Apr 12, 2011
Thank you, I have met a very nice man and hope that our relationship continues to develop. It was such a relief to date from this site knowing that "the discussion" about having an STD was already taken care of in advance.