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View author's info , Rolling Meadows, IL, United States , Nov 16, 2011
I actually forgot that my account was still active on here. I met my wife 5 and a 1/2 years ago through this site. We have 2 beautiful children and are currently trying for a 3rd. Thank you PS for my wife and children!!!

Advice to other members:

The site does work!!!

Thank you so much.  (Dating)
View author's info , South coast, New South Wales, Australia , Nov 15, 2011
We emailed a couple of times, rang a few times then met about a month later. We live three hours apart so are still getting to know each other so seven months later it is too early to say how far we will go with commitment. But this is a serious relationship for both of us.

I had looked him up a year previously when I was living on the other side of Australia however he had no photo. When he did contact me I had moved a lot closer and when he put a photo up on my request we followed up.

I feel sorry for everyone out there with this condition who are single and not on the website. I very much appreciate your service and would not have met my gorgeous man without you.

View author's info , Baltimore, MD, United States , Nov 13, 2011
I've met a wonderful man as a result of Positive Singles. We exchanged emails for a month and then decided to meet. He is a great guy and everything I could ever ask for in a mate. I encourage you all to not give up, take your time, do not settle, and have fun. Me and my honey are going strong, loving our time together, and just having a good time enjoying life together.

Best of luck to all of you!

View author's info , Nov 13, 2011
In relationship with member secret_door.

We corresponded for approximately one to two weeks and then after speaking on the phone etc., made plans to meet in around three weeks time. However after planning, he ended up coming to visit me much earlier than we had originally decided and we got along fantastically! It's very early days yet but I'm incredibly happy and don't think I've ever liked someone so much (and all in such a short space of time). The Positive singles website is amazing, when joining I didn't imagine that I would actually find a relationship this way, never mind so quickly! Also, it's definitely nice not to worry about having the STD conversation. Thank you so much!

View author's info , rockhampton qld, Queensland, Australia , Nov 13, 2011
I have met someone from the PS site. I was only on for a 1 month subscription and the first guy I met is the one I now am seeing. I work in the Mines and am staying with him on my days off and we get on good and the intimate side of it is great. No hassles with H as we both don’t have symptoms. He never had any luck because of where he lives but it suits me fine. He was also scared to meet anyone that didn’t have H which is a deterrent in itself. I too didn’t want to meet anyone that didn’t have H. He is happy and I am happy. We are both open and honest with each other and talk frankly about H and sex. So far so good.... no probs. Thanks again PS. 50nsane