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View author's info , Kenosha, United States
I actually met someone who makes me smile and has a great sense of humor. We seem to get along well and I am very thankful for this site because it is what brought us together. I am so excited to see where things go :)

I met the guy I am talking to about 2 weeks ago and we really seem to hit it off. We talked online and texted on the phone for about a week and a half and I just recently traveled to meet him in person at his hometown which is only an hour and a half drive away. SO it’s workable lol. Things hit off really well and we are so in tune with each other. We are actually going to a baseball game and a movie this weekend. Spending time together is just so amazing. I haven’t really considered dating someone with the same virus before because I didn’t want to feel like someone who doesn’t have it wouldn’t want me so I hag to result to this. Sounds bad I know...but I love how care free the feeling is to be with someone who knows what it’s already like. There is no worry fa... Read Full Story>>

View author's info , cape town, South Africa
you know what I havent find the Partner yet ,but Im so thankful to find this site where you can chat to people of the similar or same status as you are ,people who understand what you going through, I was diagonised in 2004 April ,I was married to someone who wanted us to keep it as a secret because he knew excantly that he was fulling around .
I didnt know what to do or who to talk to until my Friend got sick and tell me that she is hiv positive ,its only then that I told her her that I'm also hiv positive, I'm still fine no sickness .just living the normal life ,but i broke up with my Husband after getting the second lady pregnant after we diagonised ,now I'm ready to date an hornest man someone who is fully responsible of his life.now I'm not alone ,thank you Positive Singles.

Advice to other members:

we are not alone Guys ,to those who found their Matches congraculations!!! to those who are still looking like me do not give up,keep on looking cheeers...............

View author's info , Dublin, Ireland
J and I met about 5 weeks ago -- as of yet, we have only to talk online (with webcams and mics, though, so really -- we've had a "date" every night for the past 5 weeks!). You see, I live in Ireland, but I'm originally from Canada. J, is from Canada -- my home province, in fact. I had a trip home planned for September well before I met him, so now when I come down the stairs to the arrivals area, we will have our first in-person meet (CAN'T WAIT!).

We've fallen for one another very quickly - but it just feels completely and utterly right.

What we love, more than anything, is that the site was our opportunity to meet another person - in a similar circumstance - but without making it an issue. We hardly talk about having HPV and HSV - why? Because we both have it and for the first time, for both of us, it's a non-issue. We know how the other feels, what it's like to go through - but it's actually become the lowest factor in our relationship; we're like any "normal" c... Read Full Story>>

Found a lover!  (Dating)
View author's info , Sun City, United States
Our contact via the site was very brief. I was very hesitant to meet this person specifically because our spiritual beliefs didn't match up and through his pictures I wasn't sure we were into the same kind of scenes or on the same wavelength. But he was so attractive that I sent him an email to confirm what his beliefs were. He gave me an answer I wanted to hear, and I considered him. I was so busy I didn't pay him much attention for about a month.

Finally, I was going to a party that was near where he lived, approx an hour drive from me and I invited him along. He showed up and he was equally as attractive in person. That was Friday night. We hit it off and hung out until Sunday morning. We had a date on the beach and he picked up a rock from the beach. He painted (he's an artist) a necklace for me, which I wear every day now. It's memorabilia of our first date. We've seen each other every other day since. It's been 3 weeks and we're in a monogamous relationship. We are both... Read Full Story>>

View author's info , York, United States
Finding myself as my screen name said, starting over at 40, I wasn't sure that I'd ever find someone with whom I'd be able to connect with, more than just on the physical level. I signed up for the site in November and by January had gone on quite a few dates, but none that ever went past a second date. I met some very "interesting" women, but decided that after only 2 months, I was going to down grade my account. Maybe I was giving up too easy. I would still log on to my account every couple days, just in case. That day finally came!! It was the end of March and I decided to wink someone that I had been checking out for a few weeks and finally got the nerve to say "Hi". I had to wait for a few days, but she responded with not only a wink, but an email! We only emailed a few times till I offered her my cell phone number. Our first phone call lasted over 4.5 hours! I drove over 2 hours to meet her the next day! We talked over 100 hours that first month! We both had to get our cell phone... Read Full Story>>

Advice to other members:

In order to find the "right" person, you have to be the right person! Before I started to seriously look for someone, I took over a year to get myself "together". I've got a long way to go, but I've come a long way! Thankfully, I have found someone to walk with me through the rest of this thing called life!