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View author's info , Coatesville, United States
I have made a successful match here on this site and we are moving in together, with riekichic. Thank you for everything you do for us. Just when you think there is no hope because of what you have I found your site and it gave me new hope.

I will refer this site to many that I run into as well as give the address to my doctor for those in need of your services.
Thanks again, Fulltmdad

View author's info , Moody, United States
I started looking though the profiles and just sent out a few emails to the ones that I thought were interesting, much to my surprise I got several responses. Well I kind of hit it off with one in particular person and we emailed back and forth for about a week and a half, then started chatting online, [for another week or so], we seem to have a lot in common so I gave her my number and we talked once and laughed a lot.

I told her where I worked and when she was in town she came by to see me and had a nice visit. [We met face to face after about a month]. We are still in the getting to know each other stage and neither of us is in any hurry, but rather looking for friendship first, but we both agree that that is the first step to any long term relationship.

View author's info , London, United Kingdom
I have found my husband on your site. Thankyou very much, im sooooo happy! Thank you ever so much, I am overjoyed. We exchanged numbers within 48 hrs and he told me that he had met me 5 yrs previously, and that he emailed me with a message "I am the one you are looking for" a month before. I said that I never saw that message, and that I must have missed it. He reminded me where we had met, which was at a group called Naz Project, and he never saw me again until he saw my profile with my picture. so he proposed and I accepted, and we will be married in August this year (2010) God willing.

Once again, thankyou so much for everything!

I am incredibly in love with someone I met from your site....thank you so much!..lol...we have an old-fashioned romance going...letters...phone calls...and, yes, we've already talked of marriage...we both have met our Anam Cara...(little more involved than soul-mate...it pretty much states that you've come home...web search it...it's beautiful)...he lives in Pennsylvania..2,000 miles away...When on your site...I'd never put "anywhere" on my search...just kind of stayed local...chatted with a few...but, one day I was bored playing poker...lol...and hit "anywhere"...just to see if maybe I could unsurface a pen pal...he stood out...his profile was great...so, I winked...within a couple of hours...he e-mailed me...and 200 + emails later and numurous hours on the phone...neither of us want anyone else...we're calling ourselves twins from other mothers...lol..or "o-mo's"...we're connected unlike any relationship either of us has had...(and we're both in our 50's...so, it's safe to say we've ... Read Full Story>>

View author's info , Montclair, United States
hello my name is jazzylove and just want to say after trying the system for so long. i finally met my soulmate of two years. we enter into our civil union on feb 6, 2009. we have three children and two dogs. of course everyone goes through their ups n downs; however we love each other so much we're going to remain together until GOD calls us home. just want to tell positive singles, thanks for having such a great site and for everyone to hang in their, don't give up. may god bless you all with that special someone.