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View author's info , London, United States, Dec 15, 2010
Am so happy I don't even know where to start. When I first joined this site, I was so full of doubt. It got worse when I met someone who is angry with the world. I feel like the luckiest girl in the world. I finally met a man of my dream and in a serious and happy relationship now.

Advice to other members:

You too can find love. Just don't give up searching cos love is life. If you miss love, you miss life.

View author's info , Clearwater, FL, United States, Dec 13, 2010
Thank you! I met someone special and we are happy. We emailed for a week then started talking on the phone for hours. One day we talked 27 times! We met for coffee and it was very comfortable. The next date we went to the zoo and at the end we kissed. It was perfect. We have become very close and we are enjoying each others company whenever we can. There is some distance between where we live but we make the most of our time together. Who knows where it may lead but marriage is a bit premature for now as there is still so much to explore about each other. I just wanted to say thanks.

View author's info , Bournemouth and Bristol, England - Somerset, United Kingdom, Dec 13, 2010
We met on Positive Singles a month ago.

We started corresponding and it has been a sweet experience. We talk hours on end and we just love to talk to each other and we talk online, on the phone and even on sype. We are finding that every day our love for each other is growing stronger. I found Michael is such a nice man I do not believe such nice lovely men ever exists. Michael has got a very caring heart, very understanding and we both feel this is just RIGHT. We met after corresponding for two weeks and it was so hard to say good bye. We are planning to spend new year's eve and new year's day together as we believe this is the beginning of a new era for us. We know God has given both of us a chance and we are glad we met on this fantastic website... We are already talking of spending our life together!!!!. It just feels right and we can both not manage to live apart. Michael is moving to Bristol soon and we know we could never have picked a better person. Thank you Positi... Read Full Story>>

Fell in love.  (Dating)
View author's info , Edmonton, AB, Canada, Dec 08, 2010
We both had recently found out about our HSV. Both going through the roughest time. He was probably the first person who got in contact with me, but resisted meeting because he was not ready. Then a month later he called me, he came to my workplace for a drink, and then we went to go listen to records at his place, and have not spent a night apart since. I fell in love almost instantly! Not only do we share the same disease (such a relief) we also share similar music types, personality types, political and religious veiws, as well as a similar childhood. For once in my life I feel like I have found what they like to call "the one." Although we have a long ways to go, I know he will be the father of my children, the man I want to wake up to every day, and the man I want to create a life with. Its only been a week, and have never been so sure of these things. We both deleted our account, and are showing off eachother to the world. Thank you for creating a site that gave me the chance to ... Read Full Story>>

View author's info , Dec 07, 2010
Hi, thank you for the congratulations. We correspond for around two weeks from the initial wink to meeting. Our first date was for lunch and a beer tour at Stone Brewery in the San Diego area.

I can't think of anything to add. I was lucky enough that he was my second date through the site! I was about his twentieth. I was using the free service and he was a gold member. I really appreciate that you have the option for both, since at the time I was pretty much pennyless at the time. I had a wonderful experience with your site, obviously. :)

Thank you so much for creating PositiveSingles. I was lost when I first found out and thought I would never meet anyone. I can't express how happy I am to have met the my best friend and future husband and without Positive Singles that would have never happened!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart!