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View author's info , Austin, TX, United States, Feb 06, 2013
We corresponded for a month before we met. We met at Barnes & Noble in Austin, then walked over to the Cheesecake Factory, sat in the bar, ate and talked for approximately 2 hours. It was our first meeting. I'm not sure we will ever get back together again.

In summary, I felt like l had to ask questions and keep the conversation moving forward. I have met many people in my life and feel fairly confident in speaking with anyone. I tried to be enthusiastic during our meeting. I am also very conscious of how I look and dress. The person, I met was dressed fairly plain and down. I got the feeling that he didn't care very much about his appearance. He was a little too easy going for me.

Thanks for having this site. I have met another person via this site and will be meeting him for the first time, in Houston sometime in late March. Maybe that will be "the one".

View author's info , Tucson, AZ, United States, Feb 06, 2013
With your site and services, I met my wife and I am now happily married with two kids. I am very thankful you guys were there to allow me to date responsibly and meet my wife in an open and honest relationship. Thank you.

I say we corresponded for about couple months before I went to go see her. I really like that we just really "talked" to each other and not let the physical attraction get in the way. When we did meet face to face, it was that much more intimate when we did kiss. I first flew out to see her in California and then she came out to see me in Az. We've been married going on two years now and have one child and we're expecting our second later this year.

Advice to other members:

I think it's important for users to be open and honest with their conditions and have the support they need to get through it. I think it's a GREAT site for people being honest with their situation and more importantly honest with potential partners.

View author's info , United States, Feb 06, 2013
I had a summer romance that changed my life almost 10 years ago long before this virus found me. Through out my life I have continued to have run ins with him and kept contact with him. He has always been the one but for whatever reason. Mostly life we haven't been able to close the gap, relationships, adventures, careers, schooling, but now through this and the time between us now more than ever I realized it has always been him. What wouldn't let me close the gap then seem like nothing now. We both have always loved each other and I didn't wait until anything to tell him because I knew the rejection from him I couldn't bare if I waited a bit. So I told him the first time we spoke and he said that It is love and It has always been me regardless of what I have had to work through though out the years of our separation that would never change. I couldn't be in a better place in my life.

View author's info , Farrellton, QC, Canada, Feb 06, 2013
I had an interesting experience with this process of putting together my profile. I clarified what I want and what has been holding me back, and being so candid about it in this semi public way seemed to have dispelled the fear of rejection etc... I had. The very day I put up my profile I got a call from one of my admirers and we decided to go snowshoeing that afternoon. We had a great time, and where I would normally have been really uncomfortable with being physical, acted all strange, avoiding the issue, I instead found I had the courage to be upfront and it all came out perfectly. We have been spending time together all month and I feel like it is going somewhere good.

View author's info , Bronx, NY, United States, Feb 04, 2013
Thank u I have to say your site have open my eyes to seeing the world to new eyes... I meet someone I'm very much interested in he is sooo sweet and with a great heart... thank you PS I have found my soulmate(: