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View author's info , Sacramento, CA, United States, Sep 30, 2011
We met on the site about 6 months ago after I replied to her profile. After a lot persistence I finally convince her to come to Sacramento for dinner and dancing. We had an great connection, but not quite enough time to know for sure.Last weekend I went to her town of Fresno. We went for breakfast, did some home repair together, installed a cat door, watched a concert at a winery, went Kayaking, and spent all of Sunday watching NFL Football. It was as if we knew each other for years and we had an unbelievable amount of things in common. Definitely a mutual attraction.

To new to be talking about marriage.
Persistence and knowing what you are looking for are very important. Display photos of your real self doing actives that you enjoy the most. Short and to the point profiles are better; the only real way to get to know someone is to meet them in person. Never exchange personal emails, that's a waist of time. The PS email works fine and the next step is to exchange cell pho... Read Full Story>>

View author's info , Birmingham, AL, United States, Sep 30, 2011
Dear PS:
Thank you for your encouragement. I think it is important than when two people decide to explore the possibility of a long term relationship, then all attention should be placed on that individual. He is from Florida and i am from Alabama. We met in Chicago, IL (neutral state) about a month after communications (email, phone,and text). We then left the door open and I have subsequntly traveled to FL after another month had passed after that initial meeting. The uncontrollable variables when meeting in this manner is honesty and perception of one's self. These will only be revealed as multiple in-person meetings take place so patience is truly virtuous and a safe environment is paramount. We beleive we are a match but not rushing into collapsing our lives together just yet. We are making plans for multiple meetings.In my eyes, it is about a one year process. As for tips, I would say that if you are looking for just sex then this site should not be used for that. Tell these ... Read Full Story>>

View author's info , Austin, TX, United States, Sep 27, 2011
We had spoken about two weeks before we met, we met for dinner and I invited a girlfriend to come, per his suggestion, which I was glad that he wanted me to feel comfortable. I also done a back ground check on him, I did notify him before I did it and he was very open he gave me all the necessary information I needed to do the check, he trusted me, it came back clean as a whistle. Don't have a crystal ball, but I think we are on to a very long and lasting relationship, also the reason I selected him is because he caught my eye &your site had recommended above his profile, thought it must be something your data had picked up on. I sent him a wink and he responded back to me. He told me & my mother that he was pleasantly surprised when he met me, he said I was beautiful in my pictures, but I was even more beautiful in person. Thank you, Thank you again, without this site I would have never been able to meet him, considering he lives about an hour away. We were both glad that we could... Read Full Story>>

View author's info , Monroeville, PA, United States, Sep 27, 2011
I have truly enjoyed the service, and met someone I like a lot.

Actually I've had three life changing experiences in my life so far. Chronologically they are my breast cancer diagnosis in 2006, the death of my 49-year-old sister in 2009, and then my herpes diagnosis in 2010. Believe me I've tried to make the best of a bad thing with each of these occurrences. My cancer was cured, my sister's incurable, and, with your help, my herpes led me to meet a man I probably would never have met even though he was right under my nose.

Upon joining PS I was immediately approached by many men both geographically near and far from me. I decided that I didn't want a long-distance relationship, so I politely responded as such to most of them who contacted me. I had a few face-to-face meetings with a couple of the local guys, but I didn't have the chemistry I was in search of. I decided that I would try to get in touch with the men who lived in my neighborhood as there were a f... Read Full Story>>

I met one person.  (Dating)
View author's info , Everett, WA, United States, Sep 27, 2011
There is hopefully a success story in the making. I met one person and we plan to have our second date this weekend, but have been chatting for the last few months. :)