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View author's info , Houston, TX, United States, Apr 09, 2011
All I can say if it was not for this site number one, would not have met so many wonderful people that became my friends and the love of my life.

We connected on the first email that was sent and when me met for the first time . . . well we were just stuck like glue.

Sometimes, I truly think he is my twin and he only lived 8 miles away from me.

If not for this site . . . well I just can't imagine life without him.

God be with all of you and wish all of you the best and to never give up hope.

There is someone for everyone one and even while you are searching, please keep an open mind to how many friends you can also make alone the way.

You are never only unless you want to be.

Best regards,

Advice to other members:

Never lie on this site or pretend to be someone you are not. Just be you and accept that someone will love you for who you are.

Lying will just destroy what possibly might have been special.

View author's info , Lakeland, FL, United States, Apr 03, 2011
I met my man on positivesingles.com. We e-mailed for a month before moving on to telephone calls. We talked on the telephone for another two months before arranging a meeting. He lives in Colorado and I live in Florida. He came to meet me here in Florida last month. Since we already knew each other so well, the meeting went well. We have plans to get married on August 20, 2011.

Advice to other members:

Keep your relocation options open because you never know where you will find the right person for you. Don't put any negatives on your profile. Respond to all e-mails and flirts even if you're not interested. Talking and e-mailing will improve your communication/social skills on the internet. Put key words in your profile that will help others find you by
searching for those interests. If you can't upload pictures for privacy reasons, please write a detailed profile to attract the interest of potential partners.

I think I met HIM.  (Dating)
View author's info , Orlando, FL, United States, Apr 03, 2011
I think I met HIM. Literally, when I found out I had Herpes, I thought my world was over. I thought I would never have the courage to experinence love or be comfortable in myself to let someone else in. Thanks to this site, I regained my confidence and now look at my "situation" as a blessing, because I would have never found this man who makes me feel so complete. Everything Happens for a Reason!

Thank you  (Dating)
View author's info , Denver, CO, United States, Apr 02, 2011
A wonderful woman reached out to me after my profile had been up for about two months. We corresponded, then talked on the phone, then had our first date. That was seven weeks ago. We are now good friends, we love each other, and she has been staying at my place most weekends.

Thank you!

View author's info , Long Beach, CA, United States, Apr 01, 2011
Well we talked a little bit. Maybe about a month. Then she decided to actually give me her facebook as she didn't actually go onto positive singles all that much. Which I can understand sometimes you are not alone and you would rather not have someone walking by see all your business :P, But I digress.

After about 2 months of chatting every once in a while I suggested we hang out. She has never seen the bar scene out where I live so she came to my place. We went bar hopping. Playing pool, having drinks, eating. It was the most fun I have had in a long time.

Marriage...Now that's a huge word that we both aren't even possibly thinking about. But like we both agree, anything is possible.

I would like to thank you for having such a site that people like us can come and connect with others like us.