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We corresponded less than a week before we decided to meet. Meeting was awesome! We really connected well with each other from the very beginning. We live 3 hours apart and he drove to see me. We met at a restaurant and had a wonderful, romantic dinner together. We were both nervous, but made each other feel comfortable quickly. We talked and laughed together a lot! After dinner, we decided to go to a movie and were fortunate enough to get a theater all to ourselves so we were able to talk during the movie and not disturb others. We have no plans for marriage this early but we are definitely making future plans together, and have already made plans for my next two weekends off together. :)

I think meeting early on is good because at least you know if you really like each other in real life, which can be a lot different from online dating.

We talked on the phone for hours upon hours every day for about two weeks and when we met up it was casual. He asked me if i would help him bartend at a party he was working at and i figured it would take the pressure off of our first meeting. And it did but ofcourse things were still a little on the nervouse side since it was an online dating thing but we both hoped the connection we had over the phone would stay when we met in person. But we were shocked when we had way more chemistry than we thought and we have been having a great relationship for the bast three months. It's been the most stable relationship I have ever had.

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Hmm let's see my now bf winked at me about 2 months ago. We emailed back and forth for about a week, then texted for a few days, and just hit it off really well! Luckily, he worked up the courage to ask me out to dinner and we've seen eachother almost everyday since. At first we were best friends, but the romance came later and now I feel like the luckiest girl on the planet :) It's a bit soon to be talking about marriage, but we have joked about it, and I won't pretend like I don't daydream about it constantly!!

I can't thank yall enough =)

I found someone on the site that makes me feel alive again! We winked back and forth in May, started emails in June. Emailed daily for two and a half weeks, then met in person on July 1st at a restaurant called Rock Bottom in Montgomery. Our first date lasted 8 hours because we talked so much. There was no intimacy, not even a first kiss. I have now spent 456.5 hours with him since July 1st and we are completely in love. I have never met anyone that I fit with so totally. At this point we don't have plans for marriage but we both feel that at some point we will get married.

Thank you so much for your wonderful website. It gave me hope for a chance to love again and all I can say is WOW! I never would have guessed.

I met this person just a few weeks ago! We spoke for 2 weeks before meeting up in person and we met at his house; he was having a fish fry with some friends over so it was going to be very casual and we instantly hit it off in person, just as much as we did online. We were inseparable the entire night and his friends were so much fun. Thankfully, they gave their approval and none of them even know about our “situation” which makes us even closer knowing that we can be there for each other but at the same time, being able to not worry about if someone is going to stop talking to you when they find out is so comforting.

We are taking things slow and seeing where things so but I am definitely excited to see where this will take us.

I am very grateful for the service you provide because without this website, we probably never would have crossed paths. Thank you very much!