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Met on the site  (Dating)
Met on the site - initially just a poke, as in he, poked me. We corresponded for a while and I asked for a picture which he sent to me. Looked a nice guy and had a lovely dog!! We met eventually at a local pub, then again two days later he came over to where I live. We got on great from the start but he had reservations because I was eight years younger.

He actually then broke it off for that very reason and I was really sad but then a few weeks later he left a present on my door step with no note and I knew it was from him. I went to find him and we had a lovely evening but following this, he still insisted that the age gap was too big but to cut a long story short, we have put all that behind us and we are seeing one another on an almost daily basis.

We are both totally smitten and it is just lovely to be with someone and the reason for us being on the site in the first place, just does not figure. Infant, it never even crosses our minds!

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View author's info , Knoxville, United States
I am very happy with your site, and I am certainly pleased and gratified about the result. Thank you very much.

We corresponded about a week before meeting. I sent my first email on July 10, heard back on July 11, and after quite a few emails and calls, we met on July 18. The nature of our exchanges made us both feel comfortable and confident about our first meeting.

We met for lunch at a Cracker Barrel about midway between where we live. We spent more time at nearby locations walking and talking.

We don't have play for marriage. at our age and with our previous experiences and current outlook, marriage is not specifically in our plans. At this time, we feel that we belong together and are optimistic about staying together.

View author's info , Morgantown, United States
I started this site feeling VERY SKEPTICAL. I met a very wonderful woman who truly makes me happy. She is everything I have ever wanted and with any luck, this just may end up being the love of my life. I have never met someone so "in tune" with me as a person. I cherish every conversation that we have, and can't wait to call her the next day so that I can hear her wonderful voice.

Although the distance between us is significant (around 3 hour drive) it is not going to stop me from pursuing possibly the best thing that has ever happened to me. Because we share this disease we were able to understand each other and formed a very fast connection.

She is an amazing, beautiful, funny, smart and charming woman who has captured my heart in a very short time frame. I look forward to every hug, kiss and conversation that we have. Thank you POSITIVE SINGLES for showing me that they aren't "all the same." She is amazing and I want to thank you from the bottom of my hear... Read Full Story>>

Advice to other members:

DO NOT let distance be a key factor in your decision making on this site.

View author's info , Grand Rapids, United States
I met a girl named Nickie. She is the most wonderful caring person I have ever known. At first I was a little apprehensive because she is 18 yrs younger than me so I tried to fight the urge to contact her. After a few weeks I couldn’t fight it anymore because every time I looked at her pictures and read her profile I felt more and more desire to know her. At first we talked for a few times and I liked her a lot, we had everything in common with each other. Then I didn’t hear back from her for over a week and figured like many others that after a few talks or messages I would never hear back again. One day my phone rang, it was her, so you never know how it’s going to happen. We are so much the same person, two peas in a pod, it’s amazing. After several one sided relationships, never did I think there was a soul mate for me in this world. The connection between us is so strong we both knew right away that it was going to be really special. It took me a while but I found her on this site... Read Full Story>>

Advice to other members:

It would be great if one of the search filters included the have kids option. For someone like myself, I can’t have kids and a lot of the girls have "yes I want kids"
I don’t know that until I open their profile. I think that’s just as important as race, religion, etc for dating. Another one is there are too many body types. I went on a date with someone that said they were average. I got to the date and she looked normal from the shoulders up just like her picture, she had a caboose the size of a bar fridge. It was ridiculous! Take average off of there.

View author's info , Kenosha, United States
I actually met someone who makes me smile and has a great sense of humor. We seem to get along well and I am very thankful for this site because it is what brought us together. I am so excited to see where things go :)

I met the guy I am talking to about 2 weeks ago and we really seem to hit it off. We talked online and texted on the phone for about a week and a half and I just recently traveled to meet him in person at his hometown which is only an hour and a half drive away. SO it’s workable lol. Things hit off really well and we are so in tune with each other. We are actually going to a baseball game and a movie this weekend. Spending time together is just so amazing. I haven’t really considered dating someone with the same virus before because I didn’t want to feel like someone who doesn’t have it wouldn’t want me so I hag to result to this. Sounds bad I know...but I love how care free the feeling is to be with someone who knows what it’s already like. There is no worry fa... Read Full Story>>