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View author's info , Los Banos, CA, United States , Jan 19, 2012
Sweetdelight understood that nothing was real until meeting in person. You have to meet people to meet someone. The progression for both of us was nearly parallel. Hard to tell because there were many things we wouldn't say early on. We share love of family(especially our children), core values, shared interests, and speaking only for myself, a connection that I won't try to capture with words (re-I don't know "the rules" but it is probably too early to talk about this). She grounds me and I feel like I've come home when I'm with her. The two best times I've had with her so far have been sitting on a city street park bench on a sunny Sunday morning and under a blanket on the couch just talking for hours. The longer I know her, the better it gets. I'm unsure what importance this played, but I stopped looking and took down my profile before we ever met. The sooner the transition can be made from cyber dating to boy meets girl the better. People have to learn to follow their gu... Read Full Story>>

View author's info , Grovetown, GA, United States , Jan 19, 2012
I went on one date months ago and we hit it off instantly. This man has stolen my heart, and we are already planning a couple's vacation for this summer.

Find Love  (Dating)
View author's info , Odessa, MO, United States , Jan 19, 2012
It started off with a wink in September... not much correspondence until December. I kept catching myself reviewing her reviewing her profile. Sent her a 'light yet funny' email. She responded and started chatting and texting. No pressure for anything outside of getting know each other. It clicked. After talking on the phone, texting etc... we decided to meet at her place (her decision) on a Saturday evening. I didn’t leave until Sunday afternoon. Guess we both found what we were searching for (the H thing was just and ice breaker) because its grown way past that and has very little impact on our relationship.

View author's info , London, England - London, United Kingdom , Jan 18, 2012
I met someone. I want to give it a fair try. Having this site was awesome in the beggining but it also causes for a distraction and that human need of always searching for the "greener grass". He's 3000 miles away but we're going to try to make it work.

We corresponded/skyped/ps chat for well over a year before meeting this January where he lived in NYC . It was after Christmas and the place ticket was actually a gift from my family to meet him. For four days it was bliss and when it was time to leave it was like a piece of me going as well. We connected so well, without words it just felt right. Marriage is a big step and not quite yet ready to go for that at all were going to try long distance, he's booked his ticket for April and hoping we can make it work. It's been working over Skype for this long and I can def wait for him every few months. We both thought we had the same thing but turns out he may not have any of it, but a false positive result, but it hasn't stopped h... Read Full Story>>

Advice to other members:

Remind people that PS is a tool and can't be expected to right away make people connect. Connections need to be made by them. So many people on your site that I have spoken to have this attitude that PS is not doing enough. You should endorse the fact that PS is a great tool if you know what you're looking for, and are willing to work for it. Love isn't easy but it's worth it once you find the one that fits.

Use more warnings when meeting people, I know you have tips and such but make it bolder! You need to push safety to people including for men. I've been in some pretty odd situations.. so make sure they are clear on what exactly is wanted from the meeting..

Instead of having generic headers like "hobbies" and such make the profiles ask questions as in what do you most value in a per

I met a special guy  (Dating)
View author's info , Santa Rosa, CA, United States , Jan 18, 2012
I met a special guy, I'm taking a huge leap and am going to go for it. Back in December 2011, he sent me a wink, then we sent a couple e-mails back and forth for two three weeks then spoke on the phone a couple of times before planning
and going on our first date. We met for dinner and had a seven hour first date! We live three hours away from each other so we met half way in San Frsncisco. We have
many things in common. Including fundamental values that we both feel are essential for a good relationship. No marriage plans right now, but it's a great start to a new relationship.

When I subscribed to the site a year and a half ago I didn't know what to expect. I felt like it could work based on the success stories I read. The success stories helped me to be open minded about the whole on-line process, plus I had to date and kiss a few frogs before finding him! I am very happy I tried the site. Thanks for providing this resource! I wish everyone on the site much success... Read Full Story>>