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View author's info , Temple, TX, United States , Feb 26, 2012
It is a wonderful success story thanks to your sight! She lives in AZ I live in TN. And if your looking for tips just read my profile where it say my idea about my perfect match or I can't actually remember what section that was. Also I would like to get a copy of what I wrote because it was profound and what got my girls attention. How do I go about that since I closed my acct? and also i can answer more of your questions I'm short on time right now. Thank you very for everything!!!!!!!

View author's info , Feb 23, 2012
We talked for a week then met and we had everything in common, so we both hid our profile then decided to delete it so we can be together. Both of our profiles said that we were compatible with eachother so that was very accurate. he lives an hour away so we met at citywalk and he met my friends [ a neutral place in case we didnt like eachother].

We are together and do want to get married and have kids so we will see what happens.....

View author's info , Rossville, GA, United States , Feb 22, 2012
Both her and I know we are INSANE to be this in love after a few days......don't get me wrong. However, we both know Jesus Christ as our center of core values, so we are not totally in the blind.

She sent me a note, we were both new members and she is newly afflicted. I was really just encouraging her, thinking she is so new to this and the heartbreak that she wasn't relationship material.

I am grateful for PS bringing us together........but the success of it all is really about timing and chemistry. Your site is just right for me, it's not too pretentious, like match.com. Not full of goldiggers like match, and I met several other women before my Lady, much more solid and sincere contacts I think, than match.com.

I really don't know how you would improve what PS delivers. Match may have more window dressing...... You have reality, I think.

View author's info , Feb 22, 2012
Before joining this site, I was skeptical of the whole notion that love could be found on the internet, or in everyday life. I have always thought that there was someone for everyone, and that everything in life happens for a reason no matter how bad it may seem. I originally started talking to Stephanie on this site, but we quickly moved to text messaging. We sent nearly 1,000 text messages in just under two months and then she agreed to actually meet me! I was so nervous, but as soon as I saw her, I felt so much more at ease. We sat and had dinner and a few drinks and a lot of laughs until the place was closing and we were the last two people in there. This has never happened to me! Today, we are finding that we are so much alike and falling a little bit more in love with every passing hour.

Without this site none of this would have been possible. She is an answer to my prayers, and when I look into her beautiful brown eyes, I see a large portion of myself, which makes me lo... Read Full Story>>

View author's info , new port richey, FL, United States , Feb 21, 2012
Just wanted to tell you. I met a wonderful man who were only 18 miles apart. I have talked a lot and been out. Twice and get along so good. I did not think I would find someone. Best 30 I ever spent. Thank you teri and mick. Just keep trying,it works,be honest and yourself.

Advice to other members:

Just keep trying,it works,be honest and yourself.