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View author's info , United States, Aug 21, 2013
I found a match on this site. Hopefully, all works out. I had a good experience using your site and I may revisit should my current relationship come to an end. I am currently and exclusively dating a man that I met on your site. He is a kind and responsible person. I hope things work out.

View author's info , Indianapolis, IN, United States, Aug 21, 2013
Found someone. The site is really good and I was able to find people that were like me and trying to find a way to cope with the recent news of finding out they have a STD. I feel like the site also helps people find better quality relationships cause if someone is willing to come on here and be honest about what they have then the relationship is going to start out on the right foot. Plus you don't have to deal with the dreaded akward conversation of "Hey before we do anything, I need to tell you something".

View author's info , Saskatoon, SK, Canada, Aug 21, 2013
I believe we had talked for about a month before meeting up just because our schedules werent matching up but we had texted endlessly and we had a lot in common. We finally met in person at the Keg for dinner and continued seeing eachother more and more frequently after that. Our first date was November 7 and once Christmas time had come around we had met eachothers families and progressed the relationship even further. We are fully moved in together and will be expecting our first child in January. It was certainly a surprise but we both know it was the perfect timing for us.

View author's info , New York, NY, United States, Aug 20, 2013
I found someone on this site and I'm by grateful. I'm so glad this site is available. I hope I don't need to come back but I will if things don't work out. Thank you for your terrific service!

View author's info , United States, Aug 19, 2013
I talked to a couple people on here that were all very nice and respectful. Decided to go on my first date with the one I was most compatible with and we really hit it off. It's only been a week that we've been talking and I hope the weeks continue :).Thank you PS I had no hope after my ex passed what he did along and this site gave me hope of finding love again!