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View author's info , Morgantown, WV, United States, Jan 10, 2011
I found someone who makes me so happy, thank you. He's everything I was looking for it only took me a couple looks on here to find him. I appreciate that there are websites like these to help people like me find other people with the same condition.

View author's info , Hesperia, CA, United States, Jan 10, 2011
Met someone on this website, now in a serious relationship with that person. We're moving in together and have plans for eventual marriage. Membership is no longer needed. Thank you for the help with finding the amazing and bright future I now have to look forward too!!!!

View author's info , Jan 09, 2011
I met a guy, who may or may not be the love of my life, but non the less it is silly for me to keep my profile up here. He actually is the most compatible person who I have dated since I left my husband. Who could believe that i met him online of all places. So even though I didn't have my profile up here for the purposes of meeting someone, i did. Not to jinx things, so far so good.

It is such a civilized way to be it makes something a non issue.

Advice to other members:

My one pet peeve with this site is the picture of the people in the top left hand corner. I really don't know what I would replace it with but I just think the people are way too pretty and happy lol.

View author's info , Miami, United States, Jan 07, 2011
I had been on positive singles for two years. I got an email from longshot28 in late July. We spoke through many emails for a couple of weeks and then moved on to text messages. We planned to meet at a local sports bar after that. After being picked up at 8:30, we had so much fun that we didn’t leave until 2am. We hung out a few times the following week and hit it off. It took a little time before we saw each other on a regular basis but by the last week of October, we were living together. It is now January and the plan is to get married in May.

We both agree that dating on this site made it easier to find someone who understands exactly what you are going through.

Advice to other members:

On the site, we both met some great people, found alot of support and understanding and we were able to meet each other. Good luck to everyone else out there. :-)

View author's info , Glendale, AZ, United States, Jan 07, 2011
Well, I would say I put a lot of work into making my profile sound genuine and from the heart. I wrote about how my life is centered around my family and I would like to hang out with positive and educated singles.

I winked at 45 different profiles and viewed about 135. When I got a response from my now girlfriend, we wrote back to each other a couple of times, I then asked her out to dinner. Upon meeting her I assumed she was already aware about our shared STD situation, I found this made us more comfortable with each other than most people would be on a first date.

The connection through our honesty, in this shared situation, helped us connect in a way I never would thought be possible after just a few dates. This unexpected change in my life my just be more of a blessing than a curse, due to the fact I now have Candace in my life.