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View author's info , Minneapolis, MN, United States , Nov 14, 2012
Thank you very much for that information and the reason I want to cancel my profile is not a bad one but a good. I am very happy with the PositiveSingles site and I think I met the woman of my dreams thanks to the site, so thank you so very much.

View author's info , Waterville, ME, United States , Nov 13, 2012
Joseph and I have found each other on your site. Our first date was for coffee and I felt that we had a chance. Second date was amazing. He played his guitar for me and sang and prepared a wonderful meal. A good bye kiss that stirred the feelings I thought I had lost. We have similar backgrounds and are so much alike. I have a feeling our relationship will only get better as we get to know each other more. He is so warm and affectionate - just the kind of man I am looking for. Thank you positive singles for this amazing connection. I would recommend anyone to give this site a chance.

View author's info , Saint Louis, MO, United States , Nov 13, 2012
I registered on the site and the next day I met someone that quickly caught my attention. We talked all day long and decided to meet the next day just to say hello to each other and ended up talking all night long at a local restaurant. Date after date we grew closer and closer and the next thing you know we were introducing ourselves to each others friends and family. It's been over a month now and things are going great. It was great to meet someone that I had so much in common with besides the obvious. We are letting things play out normally and so far we see a great future ahead of us so far.

View author's info , Buffalo, NY , Nov 13, 2012
Thank you so much for your services. I've met someone. I thank you.....We corresponded with each other the second week I was on the service. We have wrote, talked and sent pictures. We both agreed to get off the site. We care for each other very much, and have not met yet! We just know it's right. He had surgery and is healing, but we have agreed to meet soon, in three Weeks from today. We have sooooo much in common. And I have been waiting for someone like this person. So we will see where it goes.. we will date for a year and if all goes well...we will marry. I'll keep you posted..

View author's info , Nov 13, 2012
We finally met 10 days after we corresponded. Not legal marriage now, but we are already combining households and planning a trip to Europe and....

Thank you so much for your Website. I thought getting HSV was the worst thing that ever happened to me, but now that I've met this wonderful man, I feel differently. I seriously doubt I would have met him otherwise. We are both very happy! Have a great day!