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View author's info , Stanmore, New South Wales, Australia, Oct 30, 2010
I do have this site to thank for finding my soul mate. We both have herpes and I was not after anything, but friendship. We met 2 weekends ago, and as skeptical as I was about finding love. I guess love found me.

We met for drinks, then dinner, and then more drinks. We had a great night chatting away and we messaged each other the following day (as mates) and we decided to meet up the following day for dinner. It didn't go as planned, since the place we were going to was closed but we improvised and went else where for dinner. We had a great night once again and we shared our first kiss as we were saying "goodnight" to each other.

We are now so in love. He has met the family. They absolutely love him. We are both extremely happy with each other and we will be moving in together by next month. All I can say is thanks to you, because had it not been for this site, we would still be out there, meeting different people like us.

Advice to other members:

When you least expect, life takes a massive turn.

View author's info , Cincinnati, OH, United States, Oct 30, 2010
Kyle and I corresponded for about a week before we met. We figured being so close to each other in distance; we could meet and see how things went. We met halfway in between both of our houses and went to dinner. It went pretty fast after that.

We were head over heels for each other and it was clear that we had finally found what each of us had been looking for. He proposed on October 16, 2010 and we are getting married on our year anniversary of July 9, 2011. Thanks again for your site! I could not be happier!

I used this site and found my fiance! So now I am able to leave the website and live the life I have always wanted! Thanks so much for creating this website. It is a blessing!

View author's info , Austin, TX, United States, Oct 29, 2010
We emailed each other for a week before meeting up for a date. We met a week later downtown at a bar during the UT game and just spent the whole day in Austin talking and having fun. We are dating, but do not have plans of marriage unless we stay together for a few more years and everything goes great.

The positive singles website I learned about less than a week after I found out I had an STD. I felt completely alone and horrible when I found out, but after finding this website I felt completely better about the situation. This website gives you so much information and links, for dating, friendship, STD health info, chat rooms, legal info, etc. I felt like this website was my STD support system, and a great one at that.

View author's info , Forest Lake, MN, United States, Oct 28, 2010
We corresponded less then a week before meeting, and we had instead of a dinner date it was more of a day date. Which I believe helped really get to know one and other better. Because we spent the day together doing each others everyday regular schedule and talked and really got to know each other. It helped because you’re able to see how they correspond in groups or around family and friends and if they'll fit into your life. Where on a dinner date you get to know the basics but not their full personality and how they handle situations.

We went horse back riding, socialized with each others family and friends threw out the day and almost already knew it was going to work out for long term! There are no plans for marriage but we have talked about situations hypothetically if we were to get married... Thanks again for putting out such an amazing site; I never thought I'd find any one especially this fast!

View author's info , Sacramento, CA, United States, Oct 27, 2010
I made him my favorite and then winked at him. I really like the winking feature as you don't have to be rejected by an email and if they are interested they will wink or email back. We emailed and talked and texted for a couple of weeks and then met for lunch.

We are a 100 miles from one another. After that we saw each other every weekend since. We have hardly gone a day without talking to each other on the phone. We plan on being together forever - involves marriage.

I have gone on a lot of lunch dates. These are the best way to meet for the first time. You can then decide if you want to meet again. Don't give up. I almost did and am very glad I did not.

Advice to other members:

This is the best site for dating with our unique set of circumstances because you don't have to worry about your secret. Do not think you have to have everything in common to start communicating with someone. You never know what you will find.

Best of luck and don't give up :)