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View author's info , Minneapolis, MN, United States, May 16, 2011
For more detailed information. I met him at a YMCA kids hockey game back in early February. I was dating someone else at that time, but we had kept in contact via seeing each other at hockey games for a couple of months later prior to deciding to open myself up to date. We have been dating since Feb 10 or so. We see each other about four or five times a week. We both have boys around the same age 7 and we can easily incorporate our children together as they know each other from the YMCA. The two of us have contact several times a day and make at least two days a week for just each other. We are able to share sitters.

We have not issues or problems and we get along very well. No drama is occurring here, which is very very helpful to creating something lasting.

With that being said, anyone that I have dated with herpes has created a great deal of drama and stupidity. Now that might be just the luck of the draw or it could be an indicator that these people need help.

View author's info , Omaha, NE, United States, May 16, 2011
The site has been great for meeting people. I'm happy with the current people I've connected with on here...but don't have time to connect with anyone new. Thanks for the introductions!

View author's info , May 15, 2011
Thank you for the e-mail. We met on your site and were able to communicate because he was a gold member. I am not a gold member. We corresponded for 2 days, met at a park in person so we could talk and spent the next two days together. No plans for marriage yet, but it MIGHT happen. It is way too early to make that decision now.

our site helped me find someone who I didn't have to have "the" conversation with and that didnt come up till our second day of talking and hanging out. Thank you for the site and what it has given both of us. I hope I won't be back, ya know?

View author's info , Westerly, RI, United States, May 15, 2011
Found someone on here, things are great... never thought it'd actually happen and always hated the comment that "Things always happen for a reason" but the fact that I met an amazing guy due to getting this that I would never have met before. This site's been great and I made some great friends here too that really helped me learn about hsv-2 to, get a handle on it and move on with my life. Things are great...

Life does move on and get better!

View author's info , Minneapolis, MN, MN, United States, May 11, 2011
I've been through a great deal of heart break due to caring for a man with herpes and him running away because he didn't like my reaction. He didn't tell me for six months and herpes was no reason to cut him out of my life. Then ironically I end up contracting this lovely stuff later . Herpes directly or indirectly has reeked havoc on me emotionally. Fortunately it's not been physically. It's become a rare inconvenience. There's collateral damage created by a guy's perception of his own condition. It poisoned my emotions and my heart but not my body. I trusted him with my feelings. If I wasn't able to work through the hurt, future relationships would have been impossible. He would have slept well knowing he did not physically hurt me, but could he slept knowing that this could potentially damaged me that I could never trust again and never love.

Fortunately good men can be found. My experience is that if you tell them straight away and you haven't met them via this site, th... Read Full Story>>

Advice to other members:

Don't use your STD as an excuse for anything. Don't victimize yourself so much that you cannot see that you can make another person a victim of your insecurities of the STD or anything else.Remember you still have the responsibility of another soul in your hands regardless if the person has the same affliction.

Don't get so selfish (because you're hurt) that you destroy others. Look into the eyes of the other person and realize that most of us have the hearts of children when it comes to love. We are excited to love and give. To take that away from someone the genuinely cares for you and you them is insane.Don't lower your standards just because you have an affliction. Don't judge others because you fear that others are judging you...and this goes for herpes or anything else.