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View author's info , Dublin, Ireland
I know that Jason wrote you with a bit of feedback about the site and I'd echo his comments on giving people a bit of a trial for full-services to both entice and engender trust in the service. I would have been hesita(especially in Ireland where embarrassment and an underlying denial that STIs exist, or that you should admit that you have been infected, is rife.) I eventually decided that, as I had always been forthcoming with people I dated, I could be forthcoming on a site specifically for STIs. And,really,
if people were on there for the wrong reasons - that's their issue, not mine. I think, however, the site does provide a comfortable atmosphere for people to find friends/partners who can relate to things they are going, or have gone, through. Now, as for how I met who I believe is the love of my life -- here's my take on our story:

Though I have never gone through a "why me" stage following the discovery that I was infected with two STIs, I did wonder whether I woul... Read Full Story>>

Met a great person on this site want to get to know more. Looks like this match was a good one. We correponded for about a month before we met. When we met it was during the day at a happy hour restaurant downtown where we live. No plans for marriage we are still in the process of getting to know each other which is going very well. We understand where we are coming from and the site really helped with that. Thank you for building an amazing site for people whom can be honest with one another and support each other based on the circumstances.

View author's info , Lexington, United States
Thank you for the congratulations on the good news. Our relationship thus far is going strong 3 weeks in. We corresponded with each other for over a week before we decided to meet in person. If I have met someone from an online connection, I have always made sure to meet in a public place and talk. Our first meeting was in a local restaurant where we both could just relax and not have pressure put on ourselves. The lunch date went well so we continued to hang out and get to know each other all day. By the time the evening rolled around, we knew we liked each other so we started dating casually. It has been a wonderful 3 weeks since then. As of now there are no plans for marriage since the relationship is still young. I think the website is very informative. I hope you have a wonderful day.

met the love of my life. I'm done. I'm keeping him. He delete his profile from here too. I met him here and dumb luck we have more than just cooties in common. He's wonderful and I couldn't be happier. Thank you!

We corresponded for a few months. We had talked but I was seeing someone else and he was concerned because I had kids. So he offered friends with benefits (I know terrible right). At first I was insulted and thought hell no but then after finding out the loser I ended up dating already had a girlfriend and was cheating on her with me I figured screw it why not. So I emailed him and met him about a week later. That was pretty much it.

I didn't have to have "the talk" because we met on your site. We both already knew what the other had. So then it was just chemistry. He is beautiful inside and out. I'm quite in love.

Neither of us are the marrying type so there are no plans for that but we are definitely moving forward. He is meeting my... Read Full Story>>

View author's info , Nashville, United States
I was only on the site for a couple of days and we started to email each other. There were a lot of things about our personalities that made for a nice start for a friendship/relationship. We are meeting for the first
time this weekend and hopefully things will progress with us. I wanted to leave the site because I am not really interested in pursuing too many relationships because my life is full. I also only found three women who were even close to what I prefer. If this does not work out I will rejoin at a later date and see if anyone new has signed on. I found someone very nice using this site and I am very happy.
Thank you,