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View author's info , Feb 09, 2011
I found the love of my life and we are happy we have no reason for this site anymore but are very thankful for it. Yes there is talk of marriage, I actually can’t wait to settle in a place of our own with my baby. She’s beautiful in every way. We have made it so far in our relationship. From her being in Tennessee from the start to her being in my arms right now.

View author's info , Saint Petersburg, FL, United States, Feb 09, 2011
Met someone amazing on here. No further need for your service at this time. We spoke for about a week before meeting for coffee. When we met, we just connected.

View author's info , Kenner, LA, United States, Feb 09, 2011
After all the conversations, which I did meet some great guys on here, just weren't compatible enough to make somthing work. I did meet a great guy on here and I'm seeing a light at the end of the tunnel. Thank you for having this site available keep up the great work.

View author's info , Colombia, United States, Feb 09, 2011
We corresponded a couple of months before Christmas and between Christmas and New Year we decided to meet. I suggested we could meet for a coffee somewhere between his and my place. But he replied by suggesting he could pick me up at my home, when I explained why I didn't think it would be right to meet that way ( mainly due to safety and due to moral principals ) he suggested to pick me up at home and the go to a local restaurant for dinner. I thought that would be a reasonable compromise and we had a date.

To be honest I wasn't sure, maybe I felt somewhat intimidated by his very expensive car and his alpha male mannerisms. We had a nice dinner and he took me to my front door. I wasn't sure we would meet again or if I wanted to. A week later he sent me an email asking if we could meet again. and I said yes this time things started happening as I felt he was much more relaxed and rather nice.

From then on things took off and on the second date he asked what I did ove... Read Full Story>>

I found my fiance.  (Engaged)
View author's info , New York, United States, Feb 09, 2011
I corresponded with my beau a couple of times via email before we met in person (down in Las Vegas). We clicked pretty quickly, broke up for a period of time as we weren't equally committed to a relationship.

Then, when he moved to Reno and my life fell apart down in Las Vegas, I moved here to join him. We've been living together peacefully for over a year and plan on getting married sometime next year.

Advice to other members:

My advice is to get to know someone slowly and don't bring your own agenda into the relationship. Let it evolve over time and be patient.