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View author's info , Santa Monica, CA, United States, May 20, 2013
Your site helped me connect with someone I had feelings for and without this site, we never would have known.

My current boss and I met a year ago, at our corporate training in NYC and were instantly attracted to each other however he was living in Virginia Beach with his Fiance and I was living in Cincinnati. In December the vice president the midwest region called me to let me know that we would have a new manager starting on January 2nd in our office.

One day in mid December, he walked through the doors of my office and I found out that the man I had a crush on at training would be my manager.

About a month ago I received a text from him after work hours and it said that he wanted to talk to me about something that was bothering him. He told me that after observing me for months and hearing all of my dating stories in the office (all of the employees are 25-30), that he couldn't understand why I was single. He told me that he thought I was sweet, and... Read Full Story>>

I LOVE PS  (Other)
View author's info , Austin, TX, United States, May 04, 2013
I met a wonderful man and we are serious about seeing where it will go... trust begins with taking down your dating profile!!

I LOVE PS--- It rescued me from a bleak dating existence and provided an easy way to meet quality men. I found that the level of men on PS, though fewer in numbers, exceed other dating sites by far. I was really pleased. It didn't take long for me to find someone and for him to find me... and if we don't walk off into the sunset together, and then I'll be back on PS!

View author's info , Dallas, TX, United States, May 04, 2013
Correspondence was short, maybe a week. We emailed back and forth once and planned to meet for lunch. Lunch is easy and can be short if someone is uncomfortable. Our second date was that night. We married 15 months later. Both our experiences were its best to meet quickly and see if there is a connection. The back and forth emails and notes can become tiring and then it's easy to avoid a meeting. Your service is invaluable and we both thank you, good luck.

View author's info , Chicago, IL, United States, May 04, 2013
I met someone from the site. Thank you PS. We met. We connected. I'm good to go. See ya!

It was very useful. Thank you. Best thirty bucks I ever spent.

View author's info , United States, May 02, 2013

He winked at me and initiated contact. I then responded with a wink and he began emailing me. We corresponded through email for a few days then began communicating
via phone for about 1-2 weeks before meeting in person. The connection was instant, we both felt a strong chemistry right away.

We decided to meet on a Friday for happy hour at a neighborhood restaurant between the two of us. The atmosphere has a great laid back feel. We sat on the patio, the weather was gorgeous, and not too many other people around which allowed for privacy as we got to know each other better.

The evening flew by. We both could see it in each others eyes that this was it. As we both have said, when you know, you know.

Plans for marriage are in our near future. We each knew what we wanted and neither one of us wanted to settle on anything less. It feels amazing to find that person who compliments you and having last piece of the puzzle found and placed. ... Read Full Story>>