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Found the One!  (Dating)
View author's info , Vancouver, BC, Canada , Jun 22, 2012
When this happened to me ... I thought I would never Love again but I met the Most Amazing Man Ever . I'm In Love and I see a VERY bright Future ahead of US!

Advice to other members:

It really does work !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

View author's info , Saint Louis, MO, United States , Jun 21, 2012
I was really starting to give up on this site but then I got a wink and a cute message one day. I'm glad I responded because he has been the best thing that has happened to me. We love to make each other laugh and we share so many interests that no matter what we do, we always have fun together. I look forward to each day we spend together and can't wait to see what awaits us :)

Advice to other members:

Really, do not give up! I almost did....if I had, I may not have met my boyfriend. Just keep your chin up and have faith

View author's info , Melbourne, Victoria, Australia , Jun 17, 2012
We plan to meet in August as it is a big trip to the other side of the world just to meet someone! But we are like mirror reflections of eachother...so kind of hard to pass up.

So that will make it 8 weeks of talking beforehand. I hope it works out obviously but if it doesn't I won't hesitate to go back on the site, as it's definitely the best. I know another guy off the site that is going to meet a girl in another country too so it does work.

I don't have any feedback to try and make the site better sorry...it's already great how it is and I have been on alot of different site believe me.


View author's info , Austin, TX, United States , Jun 15, 2012
I found love on here. He is amazing and while we are taking it one day at a time, we know where we are headed, and it's hand in hand. Thank you all.

I found someone!  (Dating)
View author's info , Richmond, TX, United States , Jun 14, 2012
I found someone! Interestingly enough...I was on two different dating websites and found someone while volunteering somewhere. Funny how things happen...but THANK YOU for this service!! I would have never gained the self-confidence if I didn't happen upon this site. Thank you for the opportunity and outlet for meeting some great...and not so great (lol) people!