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View author's info , San Antonio, TX, United States, May 22, 2013
PS has definitely made my love life a little easier. I'm recently coming out of an emotionally abusive marriage, looking for a fresh start. It was so great to know that PS is still up and running, I was a member years ago before meeting my ex, whom I did NOT meet on PS by the way.

Have been corresponding with someone who does not live for me as close as I would like; however he and I have been finding that we have many things in common and are very excited to meet each other. At this moment he is the only individual I am interested in communicating with. Although he is at a slightly far location, it's close enough to arrange personal meetings in advance.

At first I met him who took the initiative and emailed me soon after I signed up. Although he was very nice, patient, a good dad, and relatively close to home, there was something about him and me that didn't seem to match up. Then I noticed his zodiac sign, Cancer. As silly as it sounds, I believe astrology holds a l... Read Full Story>>

View author's info , Athens, GA, United States, May 22, 2013
This has happened suddenly, she recently joined the site and we corresponded for a few days before meeting in person. We live in the same town, met for dinner, and were instantly smitten with each other. No immediate plans for marriage, but that is a possibility in the future.

View author's info , Salt Lake City, UT, United States, May 22, 2013
Thank you so much. I had plenty of choices of some nice people and I really want to focus on one in particular. He is super and I think he just might be the one. Thank you!!!!! Really so thankful to you all.

View author's info , Tacoma, WA, United States, May 21, 2013
I met a friend on here 8 years ago and we still see each other so that is a good thing. I'm looking for maybe more than friends if I meet the right person. I like the website.

View author's info , United States, May 20, 2013
Mark and I contacted each other back in January. Hello's and how are you's. We exchanged numbers and things progressed nicely from there. I must say, having the awkward "talk" out of the way was such a big help. We knew and accepted each other in that regard. No plans for marriage yet, dear Lord no.. But it's nice to have someone who can relate to your struggles and past history without having to say it all. Without your site, we never would have met. Thank you so much for having such a communication system that allows people like us to feel relaxed and knowing upfront that the uncomfortable "I have herpes" talk is non-issue.. Because it's always in the back of your mind.