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View author's info , United States, Jun 01, 2013
Met my boyfriend of 9 months on this site.We messaged back and forth for probably two weeks before we decided to meet for the first time. We finally exchanged numbers and decided to meet for coffee at Starbucks. We clicked immediately and spent about three hours just sitting and talking.

We're planning on getting married as soon as we have the money. I really enjoyed my PS experience (obviously since I met the love of my life), but it would really be a lot easier if the membership fees were cheaper to allow for better searching capabilities. It was frustrating to have to look thru 20 pages of people to find just the men who have just HPV and nothing else, like I do.

View author's info , Floresville, TX, United States, May 31, 2013
Thanks to your website I met a beautiful woman!! And we are starting a relationship, Im just so happy with the outcome from using your website! Thank you for yalls help! I met a woman using your website and she is the perfect match for me! We are starting a relationship and I couldn't be happier. I always thought that I would be alone but not anymore!!! Thank you for helping us find each other!!

Doing great already with everything yall do!

View author's info , Alexandria, VA, United States, May 31, 2013
I found someone I'm truly interested in and I truly love her. She's been perfect. I think I'm in love with her. I want to be sure of everything because it's only been 1 month knowing each other. The distance between us is 3-1/2 hours that we're working on narrowing to bring us together. At least we're both retired and have a lot of time for each other when we're together.

Try to encourage more someway to get more members up to all
members to show full body size up to date real pictures because it sometimes hurts them to tell them you're not attracted to them after they somehow show you their picture. Also sometimes their screen name doesn't match their appearance.

View author's info , Bowie, MD, United States, May 31, 2013
Found someone amazing!I began corresponding with Alex 3 weeks before meeting him for new years. He came to visit me from out of state and we've been making visits for every other week since. We are planning to move down south at the end of the year.

Thank you all for creating a site where people in similar situations don't have to feel judged!

View author's info , Charlotte, NC, United States, May 31, 2013
Thanks for the note. We found each other by searching, and at first were not sure. Her pics were not current, and she was (and is) hiding from an abusive ex so she was off the site pretty quickly when he found out she was on it and started harassing her immediately. It's pretty luck we met since she was on for only 3 weeks and that was a few months back. We typed for probably about a week, then met the first time for drinks and hanging out. That ended up being a longer than expected evening, followed by a motorcycle date about 4 days later due to scheduling, with lots of emails back and forth. There were some allergy issues with pets but I think we got past those.

No marriage plans yet but possibly cohabitating down the road when my lease is up. Our sons have met, and my daughter will soon meet her sons. Sons get along great.

My biggest tip is for people to be honest but not over bearing, and to read profiles before you meet!