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View author's info , Eugene, OR, United States, Sep 05, 2016
I found Ms. Perfect! I think it's time to delete my profile and start this journey. We found each other on Positive Singles and simply hit it off. We finish each other's sentences. We have the same desires in life, and share the same interests. We're to both delete our accounts and see where life is going to take us. It's time to buckle up and start this crazy roller coaster we call life together. Thank you Positive Singles!

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View author's info , Suwanee, GA, United States, Aug 01, 2016
We met here on POS October 2012. It's a match made in heaven for us. We have the same initials DLD. And we both love gardening, football, home improvements and politics! We met a month before the election and now we are counting on Trump to finish off our best year yet. He is my best friend and we couldn't be happier! Thank you, POS!

Advice to other members:

Always be honest and start out as friends! Give it a chance- no one is perfect. I rejected him after our 2nd date. I got lonely one night and realized I never deleted his number. I gave it another chance and we re-connected and found out we had incredible chemistry as well. So glad I didn't delete him out of my phone!

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View author's info , Longwood, FL, United States, Jul 19, 2016
Almost a year ago she contacted me on this site but left for an extended vacation before reading my response. A few weeks later she got my message and rushed to get in touch.

Lots of emails, texts and phone calls over several weeks led to a long weekend together. After four days we both knew that something incredible was happening in our lives. Somehow we’d found our perfect mates.

Maybe I shouldn't have been surprised. I was deliberately working to discover a relationship that's perfect for me. What I hadn't counted on was that, by definition, a relationship perfect for me would be perfect for them, too.

Several months later we talked about getting married. Somehow it was still surprising that we both were energized and excited to join our lives together.

And now, on July 30, 2016, we're each marrying the most perfect partner we have ever known.

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Match  (Dating)
View author's info , Pensacola, FL, United States, Jun 11, 2016
We started chatting, and had an instant connection. It felt as if we were in high school again. Feelings are incredibly strong, and we're moving forward to the future. Thankful for this site for giving us an opportunity to meet.

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Found True Love  (Engaged)
View author's info , Virginia Beach, VA, United States, Feb 08, 2016
We had instant chemistry from the instant we met and it hasn't cooled off since. We have lived less than a mile from each for 3 years and it took the worst thing that ever happened to us (being gifted with HSV) and your wonderful service to bring us together. We always joke, "How did I get so lucky to meet you?" "Well, someone gave you herpes."
Seriously before I found out about your site I thought my life was over. Now, thanks to you, it's just beginning.