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animallover1983  (Dating)
View author's info , Fort Worth, TX, United States , Aug 11, 2015
I was very reluctant to out myself out there but decided to take a chance anyway. When he first messaged me,I was afraid to respond, so I didn't, lol. A few months later when I had a better handle on my condition, he emailed me again. This time I responded.
Our first date was amazing. Conversation was endless and we ended up closing down the coffee shop where we met. He has taken me out everyday since we met. I think we have only spent I've day apart due to our work schedules. I couldn't be happier that I took a chance with this amazing man. Thank you for having a site set up to where we can find love too :-) let's see what happens :-)

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Great guy  (Dating)
View author's info , Portland, OR, United States , Aug 02, 2015
I never thought I would find love after contracting hsv2. But I have thanks to your site. I, like so many others have had a tough time with dating after my diagnosis. I literally thought that I would never have any type of sexual freedom. But thanks to this site I found someone who shares and understands my condition. Thanks

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View author's info , Orlando, FL, United States , Jul 08, 2015
I have been single for about 4 years now, I have dated here and there but never felt a strong connection until now. We live 200 miles apart and its hard not to be together all the time, but distance makes the heart feel true love. I have recently lost my mom, she was always trying to play matchmaker with me. She wanted nothing more than to give her only son away to the man of his dreams.

This may sound odd but she has been visiting me in my dreams for several months now, trying to introduce me to this person with black curly hair. Well I never got to see this persons face or know anything about them, except their hair being black and curly. I received a wink from a fellow member on PS, but could not see any pics of him. I replied with a hello, and then forgot about it.

A week or so went buy and I decided to check my account and I had an email from him. I replied with my number and he called me. We talked for over 9 hours on the phone that night about ... Read Full Story>>

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Testimonial posted  (Dating)
View author's info , Fort Lauderdale, FL, United States , Jul 07, 2015
A testimonial has already been posted prior to requesting my account being closed. We are super happy and even though we are 200+ miles apart we plan to close that gap as soon as possible so we can always be together.

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View author's info , Orlando, United States , Jul 07, 2015
So I didn't expect to meet someone so quickly, nor did I think of ever using the term "soulmate" in my vocabulary. I have always been the cynical one, never even considering looking outside my geographic area, dispelling dating services because someone is outside of my general area.

I started off with the usual 'winks' in my general area and then decided to expand my search a few hundred miles. I came across many profiles and photos that caught my interest and contained substance. I came across a profile that peeked my interest but my cynical side wasn't expecting much. Then we started chatting and conversations seemed to last the entire day, (8 hours) phone conversations, something that hasn't happened since I was in high school.

Shortly after, I decided that I would do what I have never done before and drive 200+ miles to go on a first date. What an amazing weekend with the sweetest, cutest and most romantic guy. Everything I could ever ask for and so much more... Read Full Story>>

Advice to other members:

My advice to other members is to hang in there, try meeting people outside your geographic area and complete those profiles with all the details about you and what you are looking for. The more interactive you are with describing yourself, what you are looking for and staying in contact with those people that wink at you or are looking for a first date is critical yo your success.