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View author's info , United States, Jun 10, 2013
Found the love of my life. :) Well, I was very nervous at first about doing this online thing...especially with this particular type of dating site. One day I mustered up the courage to just do it and I'm beyond grateful I did. Keep in mind it was the trial/free version I was on, and I had only been on the site for two weeks before he messaged me. When I opened his profile to see what he was all about I immediately got a good feeling, emailed him back for a day or two, exchanged numbers, then finally met the next week at a nice little bar. We dated each other for a while, before making it "official" boyfriend girlfriend...and I can say without a doubt, he is the one I am meant to be with, and will continue to be with forever. Truly the love of my life.

View author's info , Superior, WI, United States, Jun 10, 2013
Found the one that makes me a believer.. Finally, thank you for help making this possible PS. For me your service is top notch, because you make it possible for our bleeding
hearts to find love.

Like I stated in my profile we all have the ability to love.... the question I asked myself was what kinda love do I want and the only kind I ever wanted was real love.

View author's info , United States, Jun 10, 2013
I met a wonderful person on this website. We exchanged a few emails then texted a few days before meeting. Dated two months before making it official. No plans for marriage yet, Way too early. Thanks

View author's info , United States, Jun 09, 2013
Emailed him 2 times in a 3 month period. He was trying out a relationship during the first email but for the second email the relationship had just ended so he finally responded. We starting emailing from that day forward and corresponded via email, text, and phone for 3 weeks before meeting. We already knew we had such a connection and were everything we were looking for by the time we met, but upon meeting, our feelings were solidified. Our love is growing each day and we don't want to be away from eachother.

I am not wanting to get married before several years of dating but we both know we are what we have always wanted and are on the same page as far as making things work for the future. We don't want to be away from eachother ever. My children think he is great.

View author's info , Washington, DC, United States, Jun 08, 2013
I found love on your site. This man has been trying to date Me for 10 yrs and I never responded to his messages Until he sent me a pic. We recently met on 5/24/13 . For the first time and we hit it off! I'm going to visit him On 6/21/13 and July 4 2013. I thank your website. For letting me meet guys,but I found my love finally !