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Found my guy!  (Dating)
View author's info , Phoenix, AZ, United States, Aug 27, 2013
He emailed me back in April. I was seeing someone, but hadn't taken down my profile yet. I wrote him back and told him I was seeing someone, but would reach out if things changed. Things didn't work out with the other guy, but I was hesitant to write him back because he was out of state. However, I put my profile back up (eventually did take it down when I was getting more serious with the other dude) and then looked at his profile. Figured that would trigger a new email from him and it did. I was still hesitant due to him being in the Midwest and I'm west coast, but we had great emails. We corresponded for a few days that way and then decided to talk on the phone. Turns out we had a TON in common and he is very willing to move (I am unable to relocate because of my kids). We talked, emailed, and texted for about a month then I flew out to see him. Turns out he is coming to my neck of the woods a few times this fall for family events (he used to live here and half his family still does... Read Full Story>>

View author's info , Greenville, SC, United States, Aug 26, 2013
We actually met in person a couple of weeks after meeting on the site. He was anxious to meet me to see if our chemistry was as good in person as it was online.We met at one of his favorite restaurants. He loves ethnic food and I was pretty skeptical about eating anything outside of the ordinary for me but he convinced me to meet him there and I'm certainly glad that I did. We kept the conversation light and witty and made plans for a second date, a destination of my choosing which so happens to be the"Overlook"........a small airport where you can watch planes take off and land (very quaint). We had a picnic dinner and sat on the back of my car and watched planes for a couple of hours before sharing a small goodbye kiss (a peck). He was very sweet and not much has changed on that front. No plans for marriage at this time. I still have a teenager in high school with two more years to go. I figure if we marry, we might as well wait till my kids are out of the house so it will just... Read Full Story>>

Advice to other members:

No real tips, but I would suggest the folks on your site not look specifically at what the person looks like. He did not have a photo of himself online but a picture of the grand canyon. I thoroughly enjoyed what he had to say about himself and how direct he was in what he was looking for. I couldn't have found a better match. He is sweet, kind, loving, and outdoorsy so we have fun everywhere we go. He's pretty plain to most but I think he's the best looking thing since sliced bread.

Welp, I hope you got what you were looking for. Tootles.

John and Sandra  (Dating)
View author's info , O Fallon, IL, United States, Aug 26, 2013
I am 75 and searched a 100, then a 200, then a 300 mile area for a lady between 60-75 who would like to be a lifetime partner in retirement. We started corresponding based on me sending an email asking for more information about her. We are both military retirees-she is Army and lost her husband a number of years ago, I am Air Force and lost my wife just a year ago, but we found a lot of commonality. She is an amazing lady, and after only 23 days corresponding, we agreed to meet at her home.....although I had to drive 216 miles to see her at her house but I got lost on the way, so I called her and she came to meet me at a local church in her home town....we met in the parking lot...not at all what we had planned...face-to-face, and she absolutely captured my heart, and I could not leave her for 3 days at her house, then I brought her home with me for two more days...and it looks like we will never part. We are in the process of moving her to my home and we will plan on a permanent ma... Read Full Story>>

View author's info , United States, Aug 24, 2013
I have made a connection with someone on the site. We are getting married in November and I am relocating.

In knowing that our situation was very difficult to adjust to our daily lives...we knew we wasn't gonna give up on Love. We had a instant attraction on top of great communication and Conversations.

He had a wonderful personality that complimented my character, we knew we were a match to be Soul Mates. We are alike in so many ways and share the same interests.

Its funny because I live in Florida and he's in Texas, and I actually winked at him because he was on the bottom of my profile for Suggested People that i might like. He responded on July 8, 2013 we exchanged numbers and talked everyday until we met on August 12,2013.

He invited me to come to Texas for my Bday on August 16,2013 since that was my vacation week from work. I spent the whole week with him from August 12-18. We made such a strong bond over the course of days, it was an emotio... Read Full Story>>

I met my husband.  (Dating)
View author's info , United States, Aug 23, 2013
We have started planning our future together (including marriage within the next 2 years). we emailed for about a month before meeting. no that is not a long time at all but when you know what you want and what you will not settle for , it is fairly easy to identify with someone that matches... or better yet complements you. also, it was all in the Lord's hands. With prayer, sacrifice, and patience anything you ask will be granted. We met at the park several times before making it official and we spent time/met with each other's families also. there are a lot of challenges ahead of us that we are both willing to conquer together. but having to deal with hsv (or the prefacing talk about hsv) is not one of them.