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View author's info , Decatur, GA, United States, May 29, 2011
I think I have found my wife. To start the relationship off right I must delete my profile from this site. Thank you PS. Money well spent for me! Whoever built this site, thanks a lot. You are helping hundreds with the work you do. Wish I would have thought of it myself.

View author's info , Acworth, GA, United States, May 29, 2011
I have found someone through this site. Thank you so much for having this Web site. Being diagnosed positive is so hard, then trying to date and find someone who will accept you are tough. You made this so much easier to do. Thank you.

View author's info , Tampa, FL, May 29, 2011
Interesting story is ours for sure, we exchange emails for 2-3 days then txt msgs and finally talk on the phone all this in a week time, the day of the meeting I was sick with a stomach virus and even though I was sick he still wanted to meet, so I went to a Royal Farms parking lot and did a quick meeting or so I thought it easily turned into a 4hrs talk to a whole night together and been together since, I was in the process of moving to Florida and he quickly jump along, we bought a home here in Florida and are planning to get married Feb or March of 2012, Is been an amazing journey with this man he is definitely my prince charming the one that you can only find in fairytale stories..... To be continued.

Advice to other members:

Give everything you got you never know what will happen until you try and always leave your past baggage behind so you can be more open to the possibility of been happy again.

View author's info , Merion Station, PA, United States, May 29, 2011
We actually met because he found my profile at site and we have been talking on the phone since March 14th. I went to visit him in California on April 23rd and it was amazing. He just came last night to my hometown and this is where we will live. We plan on getting married soon. It is just a tough process because he is an over the road truck driver but we will make it work. He is amazing, caring, loving, generous, and full of love. I hope everyone is as lucky as I've been. Thank you.Thanks for positivesingles give me help

Advice to other members:

I'm not saying that you shouldn't be specific about hat you want. However, sometimes our expectations are so high, we tend to overlook good quality people with minor flaws. My boyfriend is not exactly a genius but he's an amazing provider and he's loving and very passionate. Had I continued looking for someone like I had imagined, I would have passed him up. I thank God every day for him and his abilities. Search outside of your norm, you may just find a precious jewel.

View author's info , Calgary, AB, Canada, May 26, 2011
We exchanged about 15 emails each before meeting (quite a few because we both have pretty busy lives - he has his 2 sons living with him full-time & I work and take courses). This was the kind of person I was looking for - one who had a pretty rewarding life already. Neither one of us was "desperate" to meet someone which I think is the healthy way to approach dating. We met at Earl's for a drink after work, then went for dinner a few nights later. He lives about 30 km from me so we typically only see other 2 days a week, so as of yet there has been no talk of marriage. He is divorced and a little gun-shy about marriage and I have never been one to be desperate to get married either. The most important thing is that we are both happy, which is not the case for many married people. Unlike many on the site who appear to be looking for meaningless encounters, neither he nor I had ever been like that.