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View author's info , Los Angeles, CA, United States , Feb 13, 2012
I actually met a really nice man here on the site and will be marrying him soon enough. We are really happy to have met. Thank you. We spoke over the phone for about a month prior to meeting as he lives in St Louis Mo. He will be moving here to California in a few months and yes there are plans for marriage. ;-) .. My family Loves him. He has been here every month since we met and will be here for Valentines day. He is a God fearing man to whom I am so happy to have met. Thanks

View author's info , Perth WA, Western Australia, Australia , Feb 13, 2012
After contracting herpes 2 yrs ago, I was doubtful about finding love again, especially on such a limited dating site. It was important to me to find someone in Perth Western Australia as I have limited time to travel due to my work commitments. I now have to say a huge thank you!

I have met a wonderful, caring, loving man that I now look forward to sharing my life with. I often think perhaps I 'had' to contract herpes as part of my life's journey in order to meet my soulmate! Never thought I'd ever be saying thank you for this!

View author's info , Rock Stream, NY, United States , Feb 11, 2012
This site you have created is really good. If success means that I met someone captivating who I am attracted to and those feelings returned, then yes.

We winked at each other on here & exchanged emails & immediately started corresponding by phone & text. Totally hit it off and we both got swept up into each other and every now and again reminded ourselves HOW we met. (his picture, however, is not at all how he looks now...its more than a few years old). My photo is very recent. But that didn't matter since I fell for him over the phone (and he for me). The length of time before we met in person was approximately 3 weeks. Quick perhaps, but I could here sincerity in his voice. We have been seeing each other for 4 & 1/2 months. We live 4 hours apart. And that's about all there is to say...so far. I have learned to take one day at a time, and as much as I would love to fatasize about a wonderful future with this man...the fact remains, this is reality. I am happy to answer any ... Read Full Story>>

View author's info , Akron, OH, United States , Feb 10, 2012
This site is wonderful I wish there were more people on it, though I do beleive I met a wonderful person from it. I am just going to hold my profile for now. I met someone who I really like and she likes me too thank you! positive dating is hard enough this site is the best!

View author's info , Cypress, CA, United States , Feb 08, 2012
We started talking online for a few days and about a month after that through the phone before we decided to meet in person approximately 8 months ago near my house. we went to the park and walked around. Everything went well and we decided to keep dating. Truthfully i have never met a better person. and yes. there are plans for marriage. although that is not our top priority at the moment. in time it will happen..also, i thought your website was great.i love the fact that even though i wasn't a premium member i was still able to get in contact with everyone else. that was the best...as for improvements. my partner says that "keyword" search would be helpful. to be able to find people with similar interests written in their profiles.