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Thanks PS!! WE are both so very much in love with each other and found that to be the case so quickly as well!! We corresponded off and on in the beginning as I was on another site as well and chatting to whom I thought may be a committed relationship for me - when that ended, I became disheartened at first, and then something told me to contact PS again and try to reconnect with him. I did just that - I rewinked at him - he winked back - and that was the beginning of our forever love story!

I total - chat time would be about 3 weeks to a month every single day! Then we started skyping as well and when we could visually see each other, the magic happened immediately!

We met each other face to face at my apartment - he wanted me to be comfortable in my surroundings and this way my friends felt safer about this meeting as well!! I don't have girlfriends - I have extra Mothers!! :) and I love them for it - but they appreciated that I wasn't having to go and meet him anyw... Read Full Story>>

Advice to other members:

I wish this joy and love to all of your clients!! Don't give up and don't shut down!! Your other half of your heart is out there in PS Land..... keep searching!!!

View author's info , Henderson, United States
I met some one on this site I wish to pursue and don't want to appear as if Im still looking. I seem to come back to you at least once a year. Lets hope that cycle ends.

View author's info , Henderson, United States
I requested a photo from " ataglance2012" just 3 weeks ago and she replies after 3-4 days. We corresponded for a couple weeks then agreed to meet for lunch today 9-7-12. She was much prettier than her photo and we had a wonderful conversation during out 1 1/2 hour lunch at a comfortable italian restaurant located between our two homes.

We shared our PS experiences ( this was my first date on PS, her 3rd) and we parted with an enthusiastic embrace. Just 5 hrs later, we are meeting at an art festival to spend some more time together to get to know one another a little more. Very classy lady with good values and a fun sense of humor.

Thank you Positive Singles, wish us luck!

View author's info , Medina, United States
Found someone amazing.

She sent me a wink on June 30 of this year. I wasnt going to respond because I was about to put dating on hold until I cleared up some things in my life. But I read her profile, really liked it, and thought "why not?". So, I winked back... not really thinking anything about it. We then exchanged a few emails and pictures the next day, and it all felt really good. The next day we talked on the phone for an hour and it felt even better. It was immediately apparent that we thought about, and approached, life the same way. We decided to meet for lunch the very next day... so, I think it was four or five days after she winked, we met for lunch near my office downtown.

There was immediate chemistry. We met two more times that week and then I had a planned vacation... so we chatted the entire time I was away. We moved to texting instead of through PS because it was just easier/quicker. And since then we have just gotten closer and closer. Haha... ther... Read Full Story>>

View author's info , Moses Lake, United States
Thank you for the inquiry,.. (I trust this will help, though prefer it not be broad cast with my name or profile info). I came back to make sure my profile was inactive for the time being. This is the second time I have used on-line meeting sites to find a quality, and compatible man. My first was a 10 Year LTR that only ended b/c he passed away from cancer.

All I can say is, I stick to my own "old fashioned" integrity and perhaps non-popular ways in first meeting. I believe if one is honest, willing to communicate, and has tenacity with patience, this is the superior and quickest way to meet men. I was not on any site for hook-ups and tried to make that clear in my profile. However, I still would receive the less than proper integrity I was seeking, or just those that were unable to communicate with on some basic level-usually preferring ssumptions over just asking or answering a direct question.

This man, that so far has made me stop looking, has the qualities in r... Read Full Story>>